New Trek Domane 2023: Lighter and Equally Comfortable

Unveiled today, September 8th, New Trek Domane 2023even if Team Trek-Segafredo pros, are in a “special” version (photo below), They actually used it at Paris-Roubaix this spring.

The fourth generation of the American brand’s endurance bike underlines its spirit Strongly geared towards comfort and driving safetyBut it does provide important news. News designed to make it brighter and more fun, we add, More fun and modern Aesthetically.

We’ve had the opportunity to try it for about a month, and before reading further, we advise you to take a look at the video below, in which we summarize the main differences compared to the previous model and first impressions in the saddle.

much lighter

Trek claims to reduce the weight of its SLR frameset virtually 300 grams. On full bikes, in some configurations, you can even get to it 700 grams less.
Domane will never shine for lightness, but the improvement over the previous series is huge.

Weight loss treatment started From IsoSpeed ​​Front Removal, which was placed in the head tube area.
Trek doesn’t deny what has been done in the past, but does point out that on modern bikes, equipped with increasingly wider wheel passes, the front IsoSpeed ​​is no longer essential.
In our opinion it is one Good Choice: The bike is equally comfortable and the advantages are numerous: reduced weight, reduced noise, less maintenance, possibility of creating a completely indoor cable lane.

New Trek Doman 2023

Weight loss also passes through one Complete redesign IsoSpeed ​​background speed.
For those who don’t know what it is, remember it’s “disengagement,” which separates the seat tube from the rest of the frame, allowing it to flex and better absorb vibrations from the ground.
Compared to the previous model It has been simplified: It is no longer adjustable and has smaller dimensions and weights.
I Hidden saddle tightening Under the cap placed on the top tube and is an integral part of the IsoSpeed ​​(photo below).

New Trek Doman 2023

New Trek Doman 2023

The reform of the system also led to a modification of the seat post, which is now more similar to the traditional system, even if it is now as usual D shape, Which provides greater comfort and better aerodynamic performance.
It is available in two lengths (28 and 32 cm) and in two different displacements (5 and 20 mm). All mount bikes are equipped with 20mm kickback, ensuring better vibration absorption.

New Trek Doman 2023

In the SLR versions, which is the top of the range, it was possible to save more weight thanks to the use of OCLV 800 Carbon New Instead of the OCLV 700. First introduced with the launch of the Emonda SLR, it now features all of Trek’s top models.

New Trek Doman 2023

New tube shapes

The latest development that immediately catches the eye is represented by the new look of tubes with Kammtail profiles, Designed to improve aerodynamics.
The Fully internal cable routingthanks to the new RCS Pro stem and the removal of the IsoSpeed ​​front end.
We don’t know how much aerodynamic improvement is estimated, but the aesthetics of this area of ​​the bike undoubtedly benefit from it, leaving something to be desired in the previous model…

New Trek Doman 2023

Comfort and versatility are above average

Comfort and versatility remain the real strength in the new Trek Domane 2023.
We’ve already talked extensively about IsoSpeed, but the aspect that has the most impact on comfort is Possibility to install large tires. For this, as in the previous version, the maximum wheel travel of 38 mm was confirmed. All bikes are offered standard with 32mm tubeless tires.

New Trek Doman 2023

In terms of comfort, not even functionality Handlebar Bontrager IsoCore (standard on all SLR versions), it is able to significantly dampen vibrations to the hands and arms.

New Trek Doman 2023

Moving on to diversity, the glove box Placed under the bottle cage, where you can store several hole punches, but also a rain jacket or other things.

The frame is equipped for Mudguards mounting And compared to the previous model, it has been added Two mounting points on the horizontal tubeif we want to derive pebbles.
The new Domane, in fact, is definitely not a racing bike, but in terms of versatility it has few competitors and can be used on any track, even Soil Road.

New Trek Doman 2023

New Trek Doman 2023

Geometric shapes and sizes

The geometries in the new Trek Domane 2023 are practically identical to the “old” model, and as you know, they are Comfort directing.
The same size, in fact, compared to the Emonda, we find a more contained reach and larger stack, a more open steering angle, a lower bottom bracket, rear stays and a longer wheelbase. All solutions that allow the cyclist to ride with greater comfort, but also with greater comfort and stability.

Below you will find the Domane SL and SLR size chart:

Speaking of sizes, it should be noted that up to 56 Trek is equipped with a feeder 28 cmfrom 58 onwards one of 32 cm. It’s an important detail because in my case, at size 56, with the seatpost I couldn’t bring the saddle to 77.5cm Which I normally use, but had to lower a little to stay within the seat post usage limits.
For Trek, in short, I had to go for the 58, or replace the stock seat post with a 32cm shaft.
Personally, I would have appreciated the taller bench seat on the 56 as well, but Trek has certainly taken his consideration.

New Trek Doman 2023


For the first time, Trek offers a new platform in addition to the SL and SLR. This is the RSL (Race Shop Limited)Always designed to improve comfort and stability, but built for professionals and therefore for competition needs. This is the version, as we anticipated at the beginning of the article, that Team Trek-Segafredo used at Paris-Roubaix 2022.

Domane SL and SLR share basic concepts and engineering. What changes is only carbon and therefore weight. The SL platform is made of OCLV 500 carbon, the SLR platform is made of OCLV 800 carbon.

In the RSL, also made of OCLV 800 carbon, we find instead 3 fundamental differences Which makes it more race-oriented.
in the first place The glove compartment disappears Under the bottle cage (not necessary in the race), a solution that allows you to save at least 100 grams. Again in the name of lightness, wheel lane is reduced to 700 x 35 instead of 700 x 38.
The main difference, however, lies in Engineering. The RSL platform has always had a long wheelbase and low bottom bracket, but with the same size the reach is higher and the stack is much smaller. In short, a setup that allows the cyclist to keep it A more elongated and aerodynamic stance.
Domane RSL will also be available for purchase, but Only in the group framework version.

Below is the engineering table for the RSL platform:

How’s the new Trek Doman doing: first impressions

I tried the Trek Domane SLR for about a month before the official launch.
Specifically, I rode on SLR7 eTapmounted with a Sram Force 46×33 – 10×33 package and Bontrager Aeolus Pro 37 wheels.
Size was 56 without pedals and bottle cage 8.3 kg. Not particularly low, but lower than the previous version and in line with competitors’ endurance models.

New Trek Doman 2023

The first impression I got was that the bike was always very comfortable and stable, but A little brighter.
As I mentioned in the video, I’d say it sits between the previous Domane and the Emonda, although it’s still much closer to the third generation Domane.
The lighter weight makes it more responsive and quicker on gear changes, but Don’t expect acceleration burn. In this respect, Emonda is something else entirely.

In short, the new Domane is not a racing bike, but a vehicle designed to enjoy and get back home, even after long hours of pedaling, without feeling pain. And drive safely, even on uneven roads.

In my opinion, a separate discussion should be held on the type and section of surfaces, Which greatly affects the sensations in the saddle.
The 32mm tubeless tires suggested as standard, to my way of understanding a racing bike, It is very wide. It guarantees additional comfort for an already very comfortable bike, but makes it more “smooth” and takes away agility and readiness.
I also tested it with 28mm tires, and found it to be more balanced and fun, without losing much in terms of comfort.

New Trek Doman 2023

For Trek the Domane it is a vehicle with precise identity and destined for Those looking for versatility and comfort on any roadSo choosing 32mm rubber is more than legitimate. It is up to the end user to make any changes based on their preferences.
With the 32mm tire, among other things, you can tackle even bits of dirt without problems, not even very smoothly.

Downhill behavior is very similar to the previous version, also because the geometry is the same: super stable and safe, but with a lighter and more manageable front end.

A better range setup, which weighs less than 1kg, will certainly give more satisfaction on climbs and changes in speed.

Equipment and prices

New Trek Domane 2023 is proposed in 11 different combinations (5 for the SL platform and 6 for the SLR), as well as the SL, SLR and RSL framesets.

Domane SL and SLR Also compatible with mechanical kits And the cheaper version, installed with a Shimano 105 mechanical 11-speed group, costs 3.599 euros.
The top of the range, equipped with Sram Red eTap AXS wheels and a Bontrager Aeolus RSL 37, is priced at 13.999 euros.

Below you will find pictures, advertised weights (size 56) and prices for all models:

Trek Doman SL5 – Shimano 105 11V – €3.599 Declared weight: 893 kg
Trek Domane SL6 – Shimano 105 Di2 12v – 5.149 € Declared weight: 8,9 kg
Trek Domane SL6 eTap – Sram competitor – 5.499 € Declared weight: 8,89 kg
Trek Domane SL7 – Shimano Ultegra Di2 12v – 7.199 € Declared weight: 8,26 kg
Trek Domane SL7 eTap – Sram Power – 7.899 € Declared weight: 8.48 kg
Trek Doman SLR6 – Shimano 105 Di2 12V – €7.499 Declared weight: Not yet reported
Trek Domane SLR6 eTap – Sram competitor – 7.999 € Declared weight: 825 kg
Trek Domane SLR7 – Shimano Ultegra Di2 12v – €9.999 Declared weight: 7.89 kg
Trek Domane SLR7 eTap – Sram Force – 10,499 € Declared weight: 8,38 kg
Trek Domane SLR9 – Shimano Dura Ace Di2 12v – 12.999 € Declared weight: 7.25 kg
Trek Domane SLR9 eTap – Sram Red – 13.999 Euro Declared weight: 7.8 kg

for more information: