New Zealand finally win in Australia and ‘see’ the title – OA Sport

The fifth and penultimate day of the Rugby Championship kicked off today, and Australia and the All Blacks took to the field in Melbourne. Two teams divided by one point in the standings (10 New Zealand, 9 for Australia like Argentina and South Africa) who were playing for many chances to win the title. Here’s how it went.

Australia immediately suffers, who miss the kickoff, then another foul near the goal line and the All Blacks pressing. A devastating knockout of touch at 4’H Samisoni Taukei’aho’s first goal reached 0-7. He continues to push New Zealand and in the ninth minute he gets an easy foul, but Jordi Barrett does not find the jobs. Australia is very foul in this first part of the match e At 12 ‘Ritchie Muunga goes onto the field and the score goes up to 0-10. Australia tries to respond, but the Wallabies are unable to put much pressure on their opponents and nothing.

However, Australia insist they now have more ball in their hands and at the age of 18′ NZ foul in 22 metres is sending it Bernard Foley on the field 3-10. They continued to push the Wallabies and shortly thereafter surpassed Andrew Killaway. However, TMO does not confirm the ball’s contact with the ground after the excellent intervention by Reiko Ioane and the goal disallowed. On the other hand, the rule 25′ by Robert Valletini who receives the ball from Jake Gordon and gets past it for 10-10. All blacks are confused and after a minute Yellow card for Dalton Babali voluntary forward. He pushed Australia to numerical supremacy, a very long chore of several stages one step from the goal line and in the end New Zealand was rescued with a massive defense that ultimately forced opponents to make a mistake. The All Blacks counterattack, the surprise of Australia that was saved by mistake Tom Wright has been warned. And in the same work Bad bad for Darcy Swain that TMO saw and more yellow The Wallabies are at 13 for 10 minutes. And in excel, Samisoni Taukei’aho skips a beating again, but loses the oval before smashing and nothing. All the blacks in double superiority make a series of petty mistakes and don’t take advantage of the good moment and we go for a break at 10-10.

The balance that was broken in the first part of the recovery. In the 42nd minute, Samisoni Taukiyahu came back further, but this time the goal is valid and New Zealand are back in front with a score of 10-17.. Try to keep Australia alive Foley off the field at 48 minutesbut a new one will arrive Yellow for Australia by Jake Gordon. and right after that Richie Muunga’s goal at the end of a quick action from New Zealand vs. 13-24. This time the numerical shortage costs Australia dearly, which in the 55th minute is subject to the fourth goal, this time with Will Jordan who takes the ball perfectly kicked by Bowden Barrett and goes all the way to 13-33.

The match is practically closed, but Australia does not want to raise the white flag e In the 62nd minute, he scored the goal with Andrew Killaway, who received from Foley after a foul. Wallabies launched now that it is in numerical equality e Unleash Kellaway who received the ball at 67′ away, flies away, defeats Mo’unga and crushes to 27-31 Everything reopens. at 71′ Positioned for Mo’unga for +7 New Zealander at 27-34. The match is not closed yet and in 76′ a handsome one Koroibetti and Samo exchanged the second goal and tied at 34-34. At 78 Foley finished 37-34, but over time the All Blacks’ chance ended and they crushed Jordi Barrett to the final 37-39 and New Zealand sees the title.

Photo: La Presse