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On September 12, 2022 at 19:15

Several injuries over the weekend in Serie A, but not only. Here is the news coming from the stadiums and from the newspapers about the players in the drill until the seventh day of the tournament, which will be held from Friday to Sunday, before the rest of the national teams.

🔴 Origi flies to Belgium: the verdict on Napoli

Arnautovic – Feelings about Marko Arnautovic’s stop in Bologna. As I mentioned today The rest of CarlinoReassurances arrive from the player’s surroundings: nothing serious, a slight nuisance which, certainly also as a precaution, led to Ursolini’s entry. The apprehension that the final whistle turned into a slight relief to see Arna under the curve,” we read. It shouldn’t be a serious stopping point, the hope is that the striker is already there for the next match against Empoli.

lukaku When can Romelu return? lukaku in Inter. talking about it today Gazzetta dello sport Towards the Nerazzurri’s next engagements before the break: “Romelo Lukaku who sets foot in Appiano is a bit like the sun: there is light there, the tunnel is about to finish. Inter hope to miss only one game when he returns. Udine is the horizon: the possibilities are not many, but they are “Moreover: The Belgian wants to try in every way. The medical staff in the Nerazzurri kept in touch yesterday with the physiotherapist who followed up on the attacker last week, Levin Mischalk. We need to balance the options: Inzaghi’s needs must coincide and “hurry up”. The player with the absolute absence of risk, because a relapse would be a real blow. Compromise could be a presence on the bench on Sunday. Lukaku will continue today and tomorrow in the same differentiated work he did yesterday. Tomorrow will also be the day of new tests on the left thigh muscles: In the case of the green light, on Wednesday – when his teammates return from Plzen – he will return to the pitch. Friday will be the day of decision making, both inside and outside. Today, let’s be clear, we are less than 50% of the possibility of calling the meeting,” we read.

Maria – Updates on angel status Maria. come from Gazzetta dello sport Towards the next match of the Bianconeri in the Champions League against Benfica. Then in the tournament, Juventus will face Monza away before the break: “Yesterday in the stands, there was also Angel Di Maria in a grim face. One of the greatest absentees, with Chiesa and Pogba. But unlike the other two, Fideo is at least close to a comeback. Juventus offers His inspiration is like bread. Test? The only match in which the Bianconeri scored more than two goals was also the only one with the Argentine on the field for more than half. No, it is not a coincidence. So much so that with Benfica we will try to get him back,” she says. In this sense, Juventus today makes it known Di Maria worked part-time in a group While doing various training in the field Chisney.

you will Who comes back and who doesn’t come home? Juventus from the dispensary. Angel Di Maria was said to do everything to be there with Benfica, here are the terms of the second midfielders Tuttosport: “Adrian Rabbit, who came out “bruised” on his return to Barco de Principe last week, missed the Salernitana game due to an overload on his left leg muscle. Rabiot’s recovery for Benfica is in great danger. In Continassa a race against time has already begun to try to get the Juventus midfielder back on the right track. The final decision will be made at the last minute, close to the big game. If there is still a little hope for Rabiot, Manuel’s absence is already certain Locatelli against the Portuguese. The former Milan and Sassuolo stopped after Paris Saint-Germain due to a muscle problem and in the best case will return to Monza on Sunday for the final stage before the national team break,” we read.

Naples – Herving Lozano is in danger Wednesday’s Champions League match against Rangers. Here is the official report released by Napoli today after training: “Demme provided treatments and personality on the pitch. Osimene performed the treatments. Lozano He didn’t train for the fluUpdates on his condition will follow tomorrow. Pronto Politano from 1′ on the right wing in the offensive trident.

look – In August issue Lukic Turin has rocked the environment. Only on tournament start days, as the market progresses. Now the midfielder is back to being a regular presence on Ivan Juric’s chessboard, although he is no longer the leader (the squad ended up on Ricardo Rodriguez’s arm). today Tuttosport She refers to very important quotes about renewal, since the contract expires in 2024. “I had a quarrel like a quarrel between two friends. I am at the club grateful. I am fine here. In Turin and Taurus. I love Taurus. I do my best, it is my priority I will also stay here for another 4 or 5 years, willingly.” These are words he was repeating a few weeks ago to those who ask him about an account. Friends and confidants. Lukic’s agents requested a net renewal of 1.8 million: the club increased to 1.5 and in the coming days the parties will resume negotiations. Agreement is close, probably,” he says Tuttosport.

Rebek – “Ante is in great pain, he is taking care, but he cannot move, it is difficult for Dynamo to recover,” Pioli explained on Saturday evening. according to Calciomercato.comCroatian striker Suffering from a small hernia being resolved. At the moment there is no surgery but his condition will be monitored daily.” Loss is in sight for the two commitments before the break, he will definitely return later, but there is no date yet.

IBRA – Zlatan Ibrahimovic He is ready to return to Milanello to complete his recovery programme. It’s still early days to see him on the pitch at the San Siro, but the Swede’s trajectory is running smoothly. He talks about her like that Gazzetta dello sport: “Zlatan Ibrahimovic is the great wise man in the Rossoneri locker room: from the first days of next week he will return to attend it permanently. The treatment program will continue in Milanello, under the supervision of the staff: he showed on social media the progress after the surgery on his left knee. It will take It is time for the next step to be completed, from the dressing room to the pitch: Ibra is scheduled to return, yesterday in Monza as spectator of the Grand Prix, in January 2023”, we read.

Fiorentina Conditions of the injured Fiorentina players after the knockout match against Bologna. As I mentioned before Florence courierDudu He will have diagnostic tests in the next few days to assess the extent of the injury (muscular problem in the medial twin of his right leg): He will miss at least the next two challenges before stopping. Milinkovic He would like to recover as quickly as possible, but is unlikely to take the risk before the tournament resumes at the beginning of October,” it stated. Repubblica’s dodo is risking a month off; updates will follow in the next few hours on injury ThinForced to change yesterday in Bologna.

Ehrlich and Frateze Sassuolo coach Dionissi explained the sudden absence of Erlic against Udinese after the match: “Why wasn’t he there? The muscle problem has not been completely resolved. We’re only in the sixth game and we didn’t think we needed to take the risk,” he said. David Frattisi after the goal was forced to change in the second half for a rib problem I’m hit by a blow during the match. The player tried to gnash his teeth for a few minutes, but he raised the white flag and left the field with one Grimace of pain on the face Rather, they walk on their feet without the escort of medical staff. So the conditions must be checked in light of the upcoming match against Torino, even if it is not serious.

Veloso and the snipers Two stations in Verona. Here are Cioffi’s words about Veloso: “I don’t know what it was but he had stomach problems. Up until that point he had done what I asked of him, and I’m also happy with Tammys, who came up with the right behaviour.” For Ceccherini, on the other hand, it’s a problem with his foot, probably in his ankle: Updates will follow.