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The fifth day of the Italian Serie A is over, between today and Thursday, other Italians in Europe are competing on the field. Here are updates coming from the fields, press conferences and newspapers on injuries, returnees and possible line-up changes.

Inside – Possible configuration of the house Inter For the first time in the Champions League tonight against Bayern Munich. according to Gazzetta dello sport“Andrei Onana will play in the starting line-up tonight at the San Siro against Bayern Munich, This is an inzag decision after completion.” A very important novelty is also in the fantasy football key. in defense D’Ambrosio insidia De Vrij for the starting shirt, which resulted in Skriniar sliding into the middle. On the left wing Gosens sees a springboard. While Dumfries on the right can start off the bench to benefit from a more careful preparation with Darmian. Lautaro’s partner will be Dzeko, with Correa out, while in midfield Mkhitaryan is in pole position for the starting jersey: to give him his place it must be Barella, even if Blue – who is struggling in the derby – is not completely out of the game,” it reads.

Naples Positive feelings. for Gazzetta dello sportVictor Osimene He has great chances to play from 1′ in Napoli who face Liverpool in the Champions League tonight. Today, the critical test, but optimism filters, is now called and is in the lead at Raspadori and Simeone. Politano took the lead on the retriever Lozano on the left, while on the right came the turn of infidels. Three midfields with Anguisa, Lobotka and Zielinski, only confirmations also in defense: there is Di Lorenzo, Rahmani, Kim and Mario Rui.

POGBA Paul’s return date Pogba With a fixed Juventus shirt. After surgery, here’s the exact timing for your octopus review in the field. Talking about it like this today Gazzetta dello sport: “Thanks for the support, I am fine and will be back soon stronger than before. The surgery went well.” Through a video on Instagram, Paul Pogba greets all his fans and reassures his condition after surgery for partial removal of the lateral meniscus of his right knee. Juventus midfielder He will be out for about two months, Then he will be evaluated when he is able to return to the field. With the World Cup approaching, the most likely hypothesis remains the one that Massimiliano Allegri fears: “We’ll see him again in January”. It is no mystery that the Juventus medical staff advised Pogba to undergo surgery as early as the end of July, after he was diagnosed with a meniscus injury in his right knee. And the player was opposed and preferred to rely on conservative treatment, which did not give the desired results, to the point that he forced him to intervene on Monday”, as we read.

you willTuttosport Update on home singles Juventus Towards the next championship match against Salernitana. Here is the news reported by the Turin newspaper after the Champions League knockout: “Maria He will also miss the Salernitana match. He accused him of a new inconvenience, for this very reason Allegri excluded him from the Champions League away match and will do the same on Sunday. The goal is to restore it to the second match of the European group. Only so close to Sunday’s match will Allegri make a decision about it Chisney, which was reported in recovery. According to filters from Polish circles, it will be evaluated for Salernitana. And if sanity prevails in the end, postpone the return for a few days,” we read.

Lazio Alternates in Europe with the goal of a championship for Lazio By Maurizio Sarri, who will make his Europa League debut tomorrow. Coach rotation tests, that’s what I highlighted today Corriere dello Sport Regarding the choices: “The exclusion by force has resolved Sarri’s doubt in the direction: Cataldi will play tomorrow against Feyenoord, in Sunday’s game the captain will have to decide whether to rehabilitate Marcos Antonio or put Vecino in the center. Mao was not in the mood for deep revolutions. And join the Cataldi stop Temporary confiscation of Pedro and Cancelleri. They didn’t train yesterday, looks like they can recover. The Spaniard always suffers from the effects of a sprained left ankle in the post-inter training period. Cancellieri stayed at the gym after the flu attack. Sarri will not give up on Immobile and is forced, not reluctantly, to confirm Felipe Anderson and Zakani. The only changes imaginable are in goal, defense and midfield. Maximiano could have a chance at recovery, Romagnoli has played it all, and if he rests, Casal (or Gela) will be by Patrick’s side. The former Verona was tried yesterday on the right of center, with Patrick on the left of center. In fact, the two full-backs were Hisage and Marozic. In this case Lazarie will relax. Marusic is training with a bandage on his head, with Napoli having a wound in the frontal area, he is available. Cataldi is waiting to meet the line comrades. Ficino and Luis Alberto are the eligible candidates, Can give a rest to Milinkovic.

Rome There is no revolution in sight at home Rome, despite the fatal blow to Udine. The owners are ready to play on the pitch as well in the Europa League tomorrow Corriere dello Sport: “Mourinho is not planning to upset the team and maybe only the two outside players will change in Bulgaria, who were very bad in Udine: so in Celek on the right instead of Karsdorp and Zalewski on the left to replace Spinazzola. There is also a little doubt about the goal because young Svilar is making progress. important and could have a chance: more at home against Hjk than at Razgrad,” he said. Meanwhile, important news arrives from the field: Niccolo Zaniolo He did a divergent work session, running across the field without a brace on his arm. And so the return is getting closer and closer, to understand whether he will be able to return to the team already with Empoli. Not in Tami’s group lbrahim, who suffered a bruised shoulder: alert Belotti in advance. But the English don’t worry, they just have to go through the pain.

Fiorentina – Less and less missing from the first appearance of Fiorentina in the conference league. Today’s edition of Florence courier Evaluate the position on who can go down from 1′ vs. lRFS, with the Italians with the aim of finding important pieces that were missing in this first phase of the season, such as Nico Gonzalez. Next to him there will be Cabral e icon, ready to let Sottil and Kouame catch their breath. In midfield, the newspaper reported, Zurkowski can find the starting shirt, given the material uncertainty of other features. semi-compulsory defensive options given Milinkovic’s injury and Igor’s exclusion, There will be Quarta and Ranieri.

Turin – Conditions of the individual at home Turin In light of the first leg match in San Siro against Inter. he is Gazzetta dello sport Today to assess the players: “Yesterday morning, in Philadelphia, the team resumed training. They were led by assistant coach Matthew Barrow. Yorick is treating pneumonia at home (he does not have coronavirus: he has had several swabs these days, all negative) and he seems to be improving Under observation, there is an ankle of the Dutch defender shedHe hit hard on Monday night against Lecce and forced him to be substituted at the start of the second half. Yesterday he underwent treatments, more will be understood today but cautious optimism is spreading. Yesterday’s treatments also for Richie and Miranchuk. singo And Brescia is on her way to recovery, and Linity has rid of her fatigue: Saturday will be there ”, we read.

Bologna – according to Sky SportsAnd the Claudio Ranieri At the moment it is advanced Thiago Mota To replace Sinisa Mihajlovic al Bologna. The exemption was announced yesterday, a break with the coach and now a new era with Ranieri in pole position but Thiago Motta is fighting back. Two different ideas, that’s why Bologna takes time and thinks about it.

Sampdoria Keep going with Marco Giampaolo. This is the decision of the Sampdoria House that was made in the past few hours and also confirmed it Gazzetta dello sport: “These are the hours when Sampdoria (and the team) try to regroup against Milan (on Saturday at Ferraris) and then the next game away from their stadium in La Spezia, the Ligurian derby should be used to re-launch. Where, of course, a change will be needed. Surprising in speed, although in the next two games Sampdoria will likely give up Winks (who has a long-standing knee problem), who is proceeding with extreme caution. At the moment, there is no permanent letter that could indicate the premise of divorce from Giampaolo (which has a contract until June 30, 2024). However, the only alternative on paper is linked to Roberto D’Aversa, who is still under contract until the end of this season,” we read.

Monza – home condition Monza After the start of the tournament, he will surely be forgotten, with 5 defeats in the most matches. To assess the situation today Gazzetta dello sportWe continue to work, difficulties can only be overcome by work. We faced 5 of the top 6 teams in the standings, let’s not forget that. The team is still showing signs of growth.” CEO Monza, Adriano Galiani, Ansa chose to write the company’s thinking on Giovanni Stroppa in black and white. The coach remains on the bench at Monza, at least until the Lecce game scheduled for Sunday at 3pm. But it is also true that This challenge will be crucial to the future of the Upgrading Technician. Because the sixth stop requires a clear decision by the company and not just a reflection. Above all, because the confrontation against Salento is the first real direct battle for redemption that Monza will face in his first season in the First Division in history”, as we read.

EKDAL – Albin Ekdal stopped again at Spezia’s house. reveal it today 19th century“Mechanistic tests that Eckdal underwent have been ruled out, but the Swede will remain stationary for at least 6/7 days, to assess whether the muscle discomfort is persistent,” the paper says.