NEWS – Osimene times and stop Zalewski! Zaniolo, Pedro, Kim, Rica, Darmian, Sengo, Tomori… – SOS Fanta

On September 10, 2022 at 11:10 am

We are back on the pitch today for the sixth day of Serie A after the first European matches that took place between Tuesday and Thursday. The Napoli-Spezia program starts on the 15th, followed by Inter-Torino on the 18th and then Sampdoria-Milan at 20.45; The Empoli-Roma tournament concludes on Monday at 8.45pm. Here’s the latest news coming from the fields and newspapers about potential formations and more:

Napoli change – Opportunity ready for Ndombele In midfield, he is the favorite to beat Anguisea at Napoli’s Spalletti club. In Trident Plus Lozano di Politano, Simeone took a slight advantage over Raspadori for place from 1′ in the Trident. And in defense? Kim stays ahead of Juan Jesus (in terms of turnover), with Oliveira undercut by Mario Rui on the left.

new spices 4-3-3 Trials again 19th century In Spezia’s house. stay out would be rica, with the addition of an additional defender or Christoph from the right-back. In the offensive trident ready Jyasi and down and sharpened, tried on the right wing, preferred over Kovalenko. Mini tactical revolution compared to the first five matches but not in the men…

internal doubts – The last ballot papers to be resolved for Simon Inzaghi at Inter. on gangs Darmian and DiMarco in the lead on Dumfries and Gozens, with Calhanoglu favoring Mkhitaryan in the middle. In the attack, Lautaro was strongly confirmed, with Dzeko is still in first place On Korea to support it.

Turin Choices – According to the latest rumors coming from Turin, there Good Morning Before Shores (Recovered) For the place in the middle of the grenade defense. Right between head and face singo (slightly preferred) and Lazaro, with Vojvoda or Ola Aina on the left. It is clear that Sanabria is ahead of Pellegri from the first point.

Sample confirmation Without Cole, Ferrari and Murillo are ready in the center of the Sampdoria defense. Villar at the Pole Su Vieira In the control room, for the rest of Giampaolo’s usual formation with the last doubt on the right, where Reese has the advantage over Jabbiadini.

Milan newsTomori can rest At home Milan, more than Kalolo; Ready opportunity from 1′ lekjayer. As is Boubega’s average, with the last two rounds on the trocar: Messias on the pole over the Sailmakers, de Kettleri remains the favorite over Brahim Diaz. Watch out for origiWho stopped at the last minute due to exhaustion. Play Jiro again.

Bologna Primavera coach Luca watch man, Who will lead Bologna against Fiorentina tomorrow, spoke today at a press conference. This is the data you provided TMW:How is Arnautovic? I found it goodHe takes on many responsibilities and in this case I saw him particularly involved in trying to change this very moment. Orsolini and Barrow? I’m not going to shift the focus to two players: the situation is wider, and no two players change the balance. Everyone is always required. Bush? He’s a fast player who knows how to play in the four-man and three-man defense. He is always very focused on defending the match, he is always at the heart of the proposed training and exercise. Tomorrow, we’ll see.”

OSIMHEN – First feelings about the time of the victory of healing Osimene After the accused injury against Liverpool. To reveal it today is Corriere dello Sport: “Obviously the account of misfortune has not yet been settled: ‘The resonance that Victor Osimhen sustained highlighted a second degree injury to his right hamstring’, the brief but comprehensive handout released yesterday by Napoli. The injury is not entirely trivial, despite the positive sentiments. Which Osei felt after Liverpool, which was It usually takes four or five weeks to stop. In short, for at least a month and five or six games, it is understood that recovery times are always subject to changes related to the reactions of individuals,” he reads.

Pedro – Heading towards fixed price. Yesterday he was off, not 100% left out, but he still has ankle pain which is why Sarri and his staff are being careful. Except for the surprises there will be no with Verona, even if he will try to the end to make himself available for the seat. The sensations are not positive, you need a very safe reserve if you want to take risks in fantasy football. Otherwise you risk playing 10…

Zaniolo The return of Nicolo Zaniolo to the Roma squad cannot be ruled out. It’s not even obvious, this should be made clear to fantasy coaches who own it. This is how he talks about her today Corriere dello Sport: “lamThe coach hopes the striker will return as soon as possible, to the point where he can be assessed in these hours Possibility of being called up for Monday’s match in Empoli or at most for Thursday’s match against Helsinki. In the meantime, he will take him to the bench, while calculating the risk he may have had with a dislocated shoulder less than four weeks ago”, reads the newspaper today. However, caution is mandatory: to put Zaniolo in Fanta, you need a reserve Very safe at least.if not two to reduce the risk to zero.

zalosky Nicola stop zalosky At home in Rome. External accused A Leave the flexor problem After playing against Ludogorets. The first tests brought up something more serious, just a slight muscle strain on the Corriere dello Sport. This is why Empoli is highly suspicious: Spinazzola is ready on the left wing. With Zalewski who, however, will try to grab the call to the end.