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Sep 9, 2022 at 11:40 am

After the Italians’ commitments in Europe, Serie A will start again tomorrow with the sixth round. At 3 pm, Napoli Spezia opened the programme, followed by Inter Torino at 18 and then Sampdoria – Milan at 20.45; Then the tour ends on Monday at 8.45pm with Empoli Roma. Here’s the news coming from the stadiums and not just in fantasy football.

Turin Deputy attorney, Matthew barrow, spoke at the press conference before Inter. These are the words of the second Turin coach: “Shores and Sengo I’m present. Miranchuk He’s going well, between next week and next week at the latest, if nothing happens, he’ll be back with the team. Pellegri and Sanabria? We exchange them according to the game we want to suggest. They have different characteristics, Pellegrini is more powerful and deep while Sanabria prefers additives. Let’s say he’s a more attacking midfielder, he makes the team play well. They are both fine and we evaluate them based on the match we face. defense? Schuurs comes from a different defensive function, and we try to frame it well in our system. This is the option now. Bonjour has proven in these matches that he can be counted on. We evaluate who should apply from week to week. honored him? It comes from an individual training period. It looks like it’s in decline now. Last week he did extra work, and it wasn’t called because we want to get him in good shape. It will be available in two weeks.”

Milan – Change on the horizon for Sampdoria in Milan. Get ready for the Divock shirt origi In the center of the attack, but not only. as it seems from Gazzetta dello sport Today, “it will not be the only new: in defense will again lead Kjaer (paired with Tomori, as in the old days) and in the middle it will be the role of Pobega, the first change in the middle with both Inter and Salzburg and as a novice who has already broken the ice in Reggio At least one rotation per division: Pioli’s plan is a bit like Sassuolo’s. Then came a point, like that other night in Salzburg, when Milan made no turn. The truth, as always, lay somewhere in between. Or On the deck: Pioli does not shuffle the cards, he only studies when to play the right cards, ”we read.

you will Between injuries and changes. Here’s the news from home Juventus In light of the upcoming match against Salernitana from Gazzetta dello sport: “Conditions Chisneywho is recovering from a sprained ankle. The goalkeeper will be evaluated between today and tomorrow, to understand whether he is ready to return to the field already in the league or if he will aim for the Champions League match on Wednesday 14th against Benfica. With Salernitana, in addition to Pogba and Chiesa, it will not be available except for surprises too Maria, once again suffers the confidant, who will try to recover for the cup. Some new formations are possible, also to give breath to those who have played more: in defense there may be opportunities for Rugani and Gatti (with Bonucci in a three-man defense), in attack, Allegri has several solutions in mind: from the already scattered Milik-Vlahovic duo Against Paris Saint-Germain to young Soleil in a trident with Vlahovic and Kosti. Kane is also applying for the starting jersey: He could play Milik’s place or out in the case of a trident,” we read.

lukaku – Romelu lukaku Ready to go back to Milan. But it is still too early to see him on the pitch with Inter. talking about it today Gazzetta dello sportwhich reveals the plan Big Rom and Nerazzurri have considered towards their return: “Tonight, at the latest, tomorrow morning, Lukaku will return to Milan. The treatment period with trusted physiotherapist Levin Mischalek, at Proximus Basecamp in Tubiz, Union Technical Center has ended. “Belgian. In front of Turin, the striker will be in the stands at San Siro, to be close to his teammates in a moment he did not even imagine so complicated. Therefore, the medical staff will stay in the Nerazzurri in the next few hours with Maischalk himself and they will assess the conditions of Romelu. We must remember that the Belgian is struggling with someone Muscle distraction to the flexor The day after the defeat against Lazio. His desire to speed up his comeback time, initially estimated after the break, is immense. Having said that any kind of employment should be excluded on the trip to Plzen, There is some margin for recovery considering the first leg in Udine, scheduled for Sunday 18. The evaluation will not be simple and must take into account several factors. Most importantly, the risk of relapse. Lukaku will not be called unless there is no possibility of a new injury, which would be fatal for Inter and Inzaghi, especially in the face of such a tight schedule”, says the newspaper. Otherwise, he will return after the end of the first half of the match against Roma.

stretcher – according to Gazzetta dello sportYesterday, there was an anti-crisis meeting in Appiano at home Inter. There was talk with managers about stopping players’ blatant gestures, the need to relive the hunger of the past and the expected return. Nicolo Barilla Among the owners of the Nerazzurri. All the steps that will already be seen with Turin.

goalkeepersInter door It won’t make imaginary coaches happy. He talks about her like that Gazzetta dello sport Today, after the surprise choice to include Andre Onana from the 1st division in the Champions League: “Risk or resources, it depends on your point of view. Certainly the goal of Inter will not delight fantasy footballers from all over Italy this season. Because the rotation, at least at this stage Tomorrow Handanovic will be in goal against Torino, as Inzaghi himself announced after the match against Bayern Munich. Onana is set to occupy more and more space. For this reason, in all probability, in Plzen next Tuesday in the Champions League, the goalkeeper will still be the Cameroonian.

OSIMHEN – Victor Osimene He stopped in front of Liverpool and the exams brought bad news, the pause was longer than expected. Here is the press release from Naples: “As scheduled, Victor Osimhen underwent diagnostic tests this morning which revealed second degree injury From the right hamstring tendon. The blue striker had already started doing treatments yesterday.” Here are the recovery times.

Salernitana – time for Biatek In the house of Salernitana. The first existence is approaching since the beginning of the gunslinger, and it was revealed today Corriere dello Sport Towards the Juventus match: “Krzysztof Piatek is against Juventus in favor of Nicolas. The Pole is preparing for his possible debut with a grenade from the first minute on the field. He can blow up Bonazoli’s place and meet Boulay Dia in the attack. Another training novelty could be Danielleuk In defense of Gumber. Something may also differ in the midfield, but pending Bohinen’s return, Maggiore remains the main candidate for the role of playmaker,” says the newspaper.

Pedro Yesterday, Pedro was not suddenly called up for the Europa League match against Feyenoord. At the end of the match, Maurizio Sarri spoke of his conditions in this way: “Let’s see in the next few hours if he can train in a group and whether he will be ready for part of the matches. If he does not train, but I see it is difficult. In the last few hours he told me it’s better “. He is always struggling with a file After an ankle sprain discomfort which limits it.

jolinie – was invited to comment on the alternation with Terracciano, Pierluigi GuliniFiorentina goalkeeper, replied to Sky Sports: “I feel good, I was very happy after the match against Napoli because I haven’t played for a long time. I felt good because I played three games in a row. The coach has this way of managing the group and our performance, both my country and Pietro (Terracciano, editor) are going. Fine “.

Samsun – He is in danger for the match against Fiorentina. Severe muscle discomfort during the weekHe did not fully train with the group. To understand whether he will be called up or not, it is difficult in any case for him to be able to enter the field from the beginning.