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I New station by Osimhen At home in Naples, but not only. Important news arrives from the stadiums and newspapers in the Fantasy Football Key, towards the sixth day of the Italian Serie A which will start on Saturday at 3 pm. Here are the latest news on injuries, potential returns and changes to the squad:

you will With Salernitana, he still has no angel Maria. After the rumors circulating yesterday and today Gazzetta dello sport Confirms the Argentine confiscation of the next tournament. “Without Di Maria, who once again had trouble with the confidant after the first half with Fiorentina (Angel’s intention is to return only when he feels fine), Allegri with Salernitana can still focus on the double striker. And also about Paredes and Kostic, to complete the new trio of Musketeers, ”we read.

Milan – according to Gazzetta dello sportThere are changes coming in formation Milan Who challenges Sampdoria in the marinas on Saturday evening. Divock Origi He is simmering and expected to be a starter in the center of attack against Sampdoria, while de Kettleri could continue on the field as the Rossoneri coach wants to accustom him to his game plans and new football.

Turin – The conditions of the members of the Turin house in the Inter key, who returns and who does not return. today Gazzetta dello sport Team Ivan Juric reviews: “Race against Time: Wilfried singo Trying hard to recover from muscle strain. But Dr. Daniel Mozon, chief medical officer for the grenade, has yet to invalidate his reservations because muscle problems are always risky: If you miscalculate even a little bit, you can make the situation much worse. So take care as Lazaro, the candidate to replace Sengo as happened against Lecce, looks forward to his return to San Siro as a former. There is also great interest for Schuurs, was released on Saturday in the middle of the second half due to a heavy blow to the ankle. The Dutchman is working separately, if the pain today is less severe, there will be a green light to bring the group back. In the event of his enforced absence, Bonjorno will take his place, with Zema as a substitute,” it was reported.

Morel – Louis Morel Try Cremonese. He is in danger, but his condition is improving. As mentioned“Differentiated for Djimsiti (left fibula fracture), Zapata (left parahippocampal injury) and Muriel (lateral side pain in left knee), the only ones that can be treated before discontinuation”. Newspaper Today he adds that for Morell “a return with Cremonese is not out of the question,” as we’ve read. Otherwise, he would return to the next day with Rome.

Going – It’s going too low Gazzetta dello sport Robin con Josens. Until yesterday, the German winger was disappointed, for the 1,000th time since wearing the Inter shirt. “It would be good to judge him after 3 or 4 matches as a beginner, with minimal continuity. True, but yesterday’s player is planted on the ground, without inspiration and therefore without ideas: the alarm is now ringing loudly, says the Rosary.

Inside – “The final choice? Absolutely not, it will depend on the matches…”. a word Simon InzaghiInter coach who confirms how Andre Onana He will not play the next Serie A match yet: “I can say that Handanovic will play Torino on Saturday. I have made decisions to get someone like Handanovic, Parilla and de Vrij to marry again. Everyone who has played in their place has done well.”

porridge – Multiple players to be evaluated at home Sampdoria After yesterday’s training. The challenge with Milan is approaching and the good news has not reached Marco Giampaolo, as evidenced by this 19th century: “For Cole (a blow to the right knee) and Murillo (a blunt, twisted trauma to the ankle) I work in the pool, the Colombian is the one who worries a bit more. Fatigue is for Ferrari. Apart from Winks, who is undergoing a cardiac cycle in his left ankle. Definitely not available. With Milan, little hope of seeing him in the team next week with Spezia. And yesterday Quagliarella stopped, with a back problem: he will be evaluated today “, we read.

Bologna Two stations in the house BolognaWaiting to know the name of the new coach. Talking about it today in Corriere dello Sport After training yesterday by the team: “In La Spezia Sumoro He gritted his teeth: the Rossoblo defender remained on the pitch despite his uneasy muscles, but now he risks not being in the Apennine derby with Fiorentina. Yesterday morning Adama was already in Casteldebole, but not in the courts of the Bologna Technical Center: in Isokinetic he made some visits and treatments with the aim of getting back to his place quickly, but four days before the match against Viola he did not. He was able to train with his colleagues. The medical staff in Rossobli still have little hope of recovery, but this is not easy. Today there may be some news regarding the condition of Sumoro, and again today, Nicola Sansone will also be re-evaluatedHowever, upon his return to the set, it filters further optimism. Even the attacking winger, who is experiencing some muscle discomfort, was not seen leaving the locker room for yesterday afternoon,” she says.

Milinkovic – Injury sustained Nikola Milinkovic Less dangerous than it initially seemed, with the defender scratching and looking forward to be on the field already on Sunday against Bologna. He tells it today “The possibility that the medical staff of Fiorentina Not willing to consider it To avoid serious setbacksHowever, this could push the Serbian towards a return to the group even before the end of the first half for the national teams. So the adductor injury can be overcome already in the next few days, with the player ready to be available for the Italian even if he most likely won’t be back on the field before Atalanta.”

Fiorentina House rotation Fiorentina For the first time in the conference league tonight. The Italian player revealed yesterday, that there will be Giulini in the goal and in the center of the defense Ranieri. Martinez-Quarta is the other jersey in the center of the division, with Venotti on the right and Terzic in the lead over Biraghi on the left. On average, the nominees are Bonaventura, Mandragora and Maleh, but he hopes to get Zurkovsky’s jersey. In ready offensive trident Ikone, Cabral and Sabonara, Gonzalez is still unavailable.

Rome Who plays and who does not play at home? Rome Tonight’s Europa League debut. reveal it Gazzetta dello sportwho is evaluating Jose Mourinho’s options: “On Europa League nights specifically, the weight of absences threatens to spoil Jose Mourinho’s strategies. Having people like Wijnaldum, Kumbulla, Shaarawy and Zaniolo join them. Last minute stop for Karsdorp and Abraham Special One tournaments planned at the start of the season are not allowed. To all this we must add the unknown related to the circumstances of the Camara and Pilotti, who are still far behind in the search for the model. For this reason, if the former bombshell will definitely replace the English striker tonight, and possibly follow up with Shumorodov, the Guinean will only be able to enter when the match is in progress. Certainly on the wings there will be Selek and Zaloski, while in the goal there may be a Svilar moment,” as we read.

Lazio Home-made courses Lazio Tonight’s Europa League debut. in target Maximiano will meet again in Providence Harbor, with first appearances between Casal and Gela in defense alongside Patrick; Romagnoli’s rest time, as is on the wings for one between Lazare and Marozick, with Hisage ready to play. in the midfield It is possible to start the bench for Milinkovic-SavicTo hold your breath: I tried Basic in place, with Cataldi as director and Luis Alberto completing the trio. The decision on the sergeant will come close to the match. Trident is ready with Zaccagni, Immobile and Felipe Anderson since Pedro is not available. Even if Cancellieri paws and hopes for the shirt to the end.

Bologna seat – After Sinisa Mihajlovic. check is close, Bologna About to entrust the bench to the new coach. The duo race between Thiago Motta and Claudio Ranieri is about to end after two days of intense contacts between the two parties. reveal it today Gazzetta dello sport: “Thiago Motta – unless there is an exciting shift – today will become Bologna’s new coach. The message urbi et orbi should arrive in the morning or in the afternoon at the latest: the club’s idea of ​​creating a predictable path to the future is not just a thought At present it has shifted the balance towards the Italian-Brazilian. Last year he performed a half-miracle with Spezia and that among the “Hundred Leaders” at Rossoblo he will find his former Inter teammate, Marko Arnautovic, as we have read.