Next Generation Project, Alovic is ahead and if there is a leap…

Juventus is going forward with the future, “a step forward”, with the under-23 team, which was recently dubbed “The Next Generation”, a way of interpreting second teams aimed at youth growth.

Federico Cherubini was the father of this initiative that began to bear fruit with many youngsters starting to move to the first team: “Four years ago we started with the second team, but ten years ago we were already talking about how the Italian training system did not bring players into the first team. And our ideas started much earlier. We tried to solve it through the coaching side: make solid investments in structures, coaches, existing numbers with the boys, methodologies. We moved to Continassa but the club continued to invest heavily in Vinovo. We put the boys in the right conditions to grow in the best conditions. Then we took up Course topic: First at the end of the Primavera they are in limbo, for more than 10 years now we are analyzing the statistics of the Spring League which unfortunately is static and no more than 3% of the spring players I go to Serie A. Since 2018 , we had the opportunity to enter the second team. Today, our three boys here have already participated in more than 100 games with the second team, and in Nicolo’s case, he also participated with external teams. We changed the format from less than 23 generic to the next generation. The next generation includes people under the age of 23 but also the path they will eventually take on loan. Now we have two players like De Winter and Ranocchia playing in the First Division. All three have participated in today’s conference in more than 100 games for Juventus U-23 and we are satisfied with them and the fact that Mr Allegri said the club has something to do in the market by valuing youngsters. The good will be given to the enterprise by the time they are cut off in the field

Different paths for Soulè, Miretti and Fagioli who want to impose themselves and can impose themselves if they succeed in their individual growth project.

Talents who take their hints from heroes to become stronger and stronger, with heroes who can play the role of “Cicerone” for their youngest, as happens with Soulè: “I am always calm and try to learn everything. The relationship with Di Maria is beautiful. We share the fact that we are Argentines, we drink yerba mate and then He will definitely come to my house to eat.”

As Cherubini recalls, the youth project does not prevent the arrival of champions, as happened this year with Pogba, Di Maria and Paredes: “We are reconsidering, Guanando in a modern key. Our DNA will never be able to ignore the hero, the purchases, from those players who have been and are icons Juventus shirt. But in football for sustainability, the youth sector is not only imposed by regulations, it can become a resource. No change: there is only a new idea of ​​identity, with heritage creation.”

A concept that Maurizio Arrivabene also re-emphasized somewhat when recruiting players of a certain age: “In terms of the market, there is a very specific choice associated with these people, because the young man who enters needs a mentor and they will do so. We must take an example and become like champions. who train with them. This explains why players of a certain weight, perhaps not too young, are chosen to approach the top young players.

However, the project of Juventus is very valid, last year they almost reached the final stage and lost to a barge like Padova, if we continue like this, it is not certain that we can not reach the second division and in this case we will really talk about a leap with ready players , then the following year for a fixed seat, in A. For example, Fabio Gatti.

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