No to rugby on pay TV. “The real fan goes to the stadium”

Rovigo – The season is about to begin, and the Bersagliari, who have been back on the field since mid-July, have begun to ramp up their training, and they also meet on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. The Rossoble will remain “on vacation” until Wednesday, August 17, after which they will resume preparations for the first friendly matches.

From hand to wallet
But in the meantime, a question arises. It was announced last year: starting this season, the Eleven channel that will broadcast the top 10 fans will be paid. To be able to watch Femi-Cz Rugby Rovigo Delta, you can subscribe monthly at a cost of 9.99 euros or you can buy the season pass for 89.99 euros, which will be valid until June 30, 2023. In addition to the season regularly Top 10, Eleven Sports will broadcast women’s rugby once a week .

What do the fans think? Until last season, it was possible to watch the Bersaglieri for free, first on YouTube, and then on Eleven, not forgetting the years when the best Italian rugby tournament was broadcast on Rai Sport, a channel in which the semi-finals and final of the last were shown. season. Supporters are in turmoil. We asked the heads of the three Rossobli fans’ clubs for their opinion. “Rugby has also seen its development: all paid sports and adapted rugby – commented Fabio Baroni, president of Passione rossoblù – the fact that the tournament is broadcast from the ‘second choice’ platform is a lack of the national television service. Last year we already saw that there were Streaming issues quite often and I don’t know how many supporters will sign up for a not so good service. I know for sure that fans with a big ‘T’ will always follow the away team, even if we have to keep in mind that many people They are in financial hardship and therefore I don’t know if they would eventually prefer to go away or watch the game on TV. I think this was a throwback and the FIR shouldn’t have allowed such a thing. The national television service made the sports world no longer looked at The social aspect of grouping; sport has become an elitist phenomenon determined by the rules of work. I doubt this choice will benefit rugby.”

“Everything is on the field”
Of course, living a game on the couch at home is not the same as living it on the field. “There is only one way to fully experience rugby – Rossobl Posse President Stefano Padoan strongly emphasizes – to go and see it on the field, always come and support your team live. We will continue to organize trips because they are the best, and I would say, the best way to go to see and support the Bersaglieri. I don’t know how many fans will subscribe to Eleven, because – as has already been said – there were broadcast problems last year. The hope is that the fans will come to the stadium and come back to fill the stands as Rovigo fans do.”
Moreno Pescolo, president of the Amichi de Boara club, shares the same view. “Now it is important for the fans to return to the stadium – Brand Moreno – I want to see all the matches away, and I am curious to see the new reality of Cos Torino as well. I can’t watch matches from home and I hope many fans, like me, can make the team feel warm even when they are playing outside Pulissin.”