Norma Gimondi: legal action, Gianni Bugno: “clarify everything”

The vice president, who resigned from the Federciclismo-Commissions case, suffered harsh words from Council Crisafulli. Two-time world champion: “The Federation must explain”

Federciclismo is still in a storm for €106,000 in commissions that should have been paid to an Irish brokerage firm in the search for some sponsors, but at the same time, another front is open as well: the insults to resigning Vice President Norma Gimondi, who led the lawyer from Bergamo to leave the Federal Council in tears last Saturday. The two main news are: Gimondi is considering taking legal action for what happened, and in that sense he expects to confront (perhaps early next week) with a fellow criminal. And next week, a meeting between the daughter of the great Felice, a member of the Council of Connie, and the President of the Italian National Olympic Committee Giovanni Malaggi, is also on the agenda to assess what happened: in the meantime it is very likely that she will not make further statements to the press.


In an interview with the Gazzetta on Monday, Gimondi said, among others: “On June 18, I refrained from agreeing to the final balance sheet and was verbally attacked by the same manager with whom I disagreed on Saturday.” Gradually the outline of the college is enriched with details: the director in question is Gianantonio Crisavoli, also from Bergamo. The terms used – according to some sources – were “ignorant and incorrect” and – in June – “bad faith”. Hence the sense of verbal aggression—also to the high pitch and voice—and the sense of humiliation felt by Gimondi, who was (also) hurt as a woman by these words. On Saturday, the Federal Council was suspended after discovering the follow-up of works and publishing them live on the Internet, and in this regard, it is not excluded that the audio files of the works are available to the public before they are suspended. From what emerged, there was no solidarity with Gimondi’s departure by the other board participants following Crisafulli’s words: another aspect reinforced the feeling of isolation in the now former vice president. The aspect that, wherever you want to evaluate the whole thing, is not very useful.


Federciclo – headed by Cordiano Danione since February 2021, from the win to the Lombard coach’s vote on Silvio Martinello – has not spoken in recent days officially: a note was expected yesterday afternoon, but it did not arrive. However, it appears that two days ago, there was a meeting by zoom of all the members of the Federal Councils in which the presidency was supposed to reassure everyone about what was happening. This is despite the fact that the papers of the Irish operation have already arrived – Attention: in the form of a complaint, not a complaint or a complaint – at the table of four prosecutors: Milan, Rome, Padua and Vicenza. However, it is not said, even in this sense, there is no leap in quality, in the sense that the person who asked the question would consider going forward with an anonymous complaint for a series of wrongdoing. It is a possibility on the table, not a certainty, and the same is true of the assessments made by Norma Gimondi: it must be remembered that injury is no longer a crime, but a civil crime. Unlike, for example, defamation when a person’s reputation is offended, but in his absence. On the table there is also an aspect of “repetition”, precisely because Saturday’s Federal Council would not have been Crisavoli’s first opportunity to clash with Gimondi.


In general, the confusion (softening?) environment escalates towards these events. An example would be the words of such a respected person as Gianni Bogno, the world president of runners (whose third term is about to expire: he will not be re-nominated) who has no problem with his opinion. “I state that President Cordiano d’Agnoni is a friend of mine, even if I haven’t heard from him in some time – the two-time world champion and Giro d’Italia king explained in 1990 – but I don’t like how everything was handled. And I’m sorry for our cycling, who doesn’t need These quarrels. This is not the way to proceed. Federciclo is a public body that has to respect certain rules. I don’t want to get into the merits of things I don’t know very well, but at this point the Federation must clarify. Yes, that must be clarified.” As for the memorized words of Norma Gimondi last Saturday “I was not there, I did not hear it with my own ear. But if it is true … it is serious. Because it is not so, but rather somewhere more. Like a council, that is, problems are solved.”