Only if he quit –

Russoubli sacked Sinisa after four years. Patron Saputo: “The most difficult decision since I became president of Bologna. But it became inevitable.

A painful divorce, incomprehensible to some, concludes a story without writing the happy ending. It seemed impossible, it happened. Bologna expels Sinisa Mihajlovic. After nearly four intense years, the marriage ends in a powerful symbol, and he lives more outside than inside the field. First, a whole city took part, and he became an honorary citizen of it, then the novel spread to Italy, crossed the world: all spectators were shocked and moved by the battle of the technician. Leukemia announced on July 11, 2019Tears at the press conference, the club next to him.

Bologna has always been in Mihajlovic’s fate, he started his coaching career in the shadow of the two towers in 2008, returning in January 2019 to replace Filippo Inzaghi, and has scored four comfortable saves in recent years. The disease disturbed everything: his life, the life of the club and the city. Long absences for treatment and team visits to the hospital after victories, summer retreats and training sessions run by its staffAnd the Surprising returns On the bench as in Verona, a mass pilgrimage in prayer, from fans and people far from football, to the sanctuary of San Luca. Mihajlovic’s strength against disease, hope for many. Examples include seeing him there on the bench despite the thinness imposed on him, and the hollow face, devoured by courses of intense care. The club is there to support the man, but he is less happy than the coach with the results. “Judge me for my work, and not for my disease,” Mihajlovic repeatedly asked to everyone, and not just to the managers of Rosoblu. It is dishonorable today to make the club look like the villain of history, it cannot be. Social networks are outraged, the word “shame” bounces, less than a week ago there were insults to the technician, With his daughter Viktorija stepped in with a very difficult job to defend Dadcharged and translucent in labeling the keyboard black with “m…without guts”.

Mihajlovic had improved after the transplant and had a relapse in March. At the end of last season, the club really wanted a change, they chose to move forward with him, afraid of the media influence of an unpopular decision. The three points in the first five days did the rest. “It was the hardest decision I’ve made since I became president of Bologna,” said Canadian Joey Saputo. “Unfortunately, this has become inevitable, despite the strong emotional bonds that have developed with the community and the entire city in these exciting and dramatic years.” Who will replace Sinisa is the last mystery. There are coaches like De Zerbe who would have only accepted if he resigned, and they never arrived, despite the club trying to mediate. Ranieri or Primavera coach Thiago Motta is likely to be on the bench with Fiorentina next Sunday. The story ends like this, it used to be a fairy tale, it isn’t anymore.

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