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We are here for a new season of Serie A and fantasy football. As always, SOS Fanta brings you a profile SOS preview with all our tips, game by game. In-depth study of people, readings of each match, players to be deployed, key players, risks, surprises, risks to avoid, who should be avoided so that no bad surprises happen. Here it is Guide for next tournament day.

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🕹 Salernitana – Why

Salerno: Good moment out of shape, you can still trust Piatek as well as a Bulai yes. Bonazoli with reserve. Candreva and Mazzocchi, two stocks, were promoted. In midfield, Filhena is better than Maggiore and Koulibaly. In defense, he likes Daniliuc more than Gyomber and Broon 6.

Lychee: Strefezza is back and can be put on, but only with a spare as it starts. Lamic panda He’s playing well, it’s time for the rewards. Sesay is better than colombo. Gonzalez growing, Hjulmand not very good, Helgason not convincing. In defense, Gendrey and Baschirotto can be deployed, except for Pezzella and Pongracic.

🕹 Bologna Empoli

Bologna: Arnautovic was always confirmed for the first time in Motta, obviously. It could be an interesting idea Denso issueAlready two passes this year. Well Cambiaso, you can try Ferguson if you have it, with one reservation. Once again yes to Barrow after the goal, a possible relaunch for Soriano. Among the power plants, the best is Lucumì.

Empoli: A good game that needs more finishing touches, will try Toxic Lamers sought by Bologna. Satriano is quite decent, jacka too but less than a bonus. Bajrami is now only in reserve, promoted by Bandinelli. Haas, Henderson, and Marin are less inspiring. In defense Baresi should always be placed, while Stojanovic is better than the midfielders.

🕹 Spezia – Sampdoria

spices: You can re-suggest Nzola, while for Gyasi it’s better to have a safety reserve. Promoted Reca to be published at all Simon sticks. No to Borabiah, yes to Agudelo and Kovalenko also with a lid. Holm can still grow, and Kiwior has already reached a good level. Nicolau is better than Ampadu.

Sampdoria: Defense continues through highs and lows, and Augello may be the most “6”. Players like Villar and Leris still inspire little, they are not fantasy football. Rincon only from 6. Philip Djuric Perhaps he found himself with a goal against Milan. Both Caputo and Sabiri can be published, Gabbiadini has an idea with a reserve.

🕹 Turin Sassuolo

Turin: Let’s start with the fix: Nicola Vlasic It is a confirmation, an excellent start. Yes, even in Radonjic, Sanabria can be dusted off. It’s Singo’s time again (always with a spare), but Vojvoda must also be put on the other side. Lukic is better than Linetty, to wear. Schuurs only with booking, good morning promoted. Rodriguez is doing well, better than Djidji.

Sassuolo: Due to the absence of Dionysian, Llorente: publishable is untouchable. Pinamonti hasn’t gotten into the gear yet, but he does enjoy penalty-taking mode. Preferably not Kyriakopoulos, Toljan, and Rogerio. Erlic covered exclusively, Ferrari 5.5/6. Henrik, Thorsvedt and Lopez can this time submit to the bull’s rhythms. The best still David phratesi.


Udinese: What a moment for Team Sottil. Fearless with the big names: Yes Toko Pereira, to put Deulofeu and Beto as well. Even Udogie hasn’t had much of a challenge with Dumfries. Wallace and Macengo are less good, he inspires Loverich a little more and so does Samardzic if covered. Once again the pico is the most reliable of the three behind: it’s nothing new, it’s game-by-game certainty.

Inter: Calhanoglu’s absence gives space to Mkhitaryan who is enough and so is Brozovic. Rouge Barilla, wiser with Gosens. Dumfries and DeMarco wore them. in the attack, Lautaro Martinez He is the outcast. However, Dzeko is also having a good moment. Korea inspires less. In defense Skriniar agreed even if not at his best, less convincing Acerbi, de Vrij and Bastoni.

🕹 Cremones Lazio

Cremonese: Sweets are still dry, and you need to open them. Okereke has already created dangers in such challenges. No to Zanimacchia and Buonaiuto. In addition to Meitè, Escalante and Pickel. Since there is no lasari in that squad, Emmanuel Valerie It is still an approved option after the Atalanta goal. Sernicola, Aiwu, and other advocates are not recommended.

LazioThe goal: the immediate redemption of the Europa League strike. Hysaj is not Lazzari, Marusic is better but not quite the first choice like Patric. Enough Romagnoli. Sarri owns two big names in the fantasy football world: Milinkovic and Immobile, and they are always untouchable. To spread philippe AndersonAgain, yes to Luis Alberto. Cataldi of 6, Cancellieri and Pedro with reserve, wait until last for Zaccagni (cover needed).

🕹 Fiorentina Verona

Fiorentina: In the constant rotation of the Italian language, we need certainty, which the team lost at this moment because the results did not arrive. However, Bonaventure and Barak can be placed, and they can be deployed. cleats of 6, can be matched from Cristiano BiraghiHis passes and positions will be needed at this difficult moment. It’s better if Venotti and Ranieri not be a full-blown contingency defense. Still struggling attack, Kouamé could be an idea while Ikoné isn’t convincing at all. Jovic is not top notch because he’s out of shape but he’s still publishable. Saponara with lid.

Verona: Team in one cure like Thomas Henry He could take sides, and he was also unlucky with Woods affected. Lazovic likes it, the lasagna slowed down a little. The Pharaohs exclusively with the reserve, Doig on the launch pad. Ilic is better than Tamizh, Coppola is more positive in defence.


Monza: The team will be registered after changing from Stroppa to Palladino. Complicated moment, it could be a special match for Nikolo Rovilla. Sensei comes from a goal, Pesina is not yet who – which Vero. Caprari if you missed a big one, behind the Mota Carvalho and more from Gytkjaer. Among the defenders, Izu could be better than Carlos Augusto, Marlon and Maro.

Juventus: It’s time for Vlahovic’s immediate redemption, too. It is impossible not to wear it. trust me Philip costic, is among the few that will be rescued at this time. Tan Maria when worn, it inspires ken to a lesser degree. In midfield Meriti can bring in enough, McKennie is a bonus or 5. At the moment Paredes is still working. To put Danilo, Bremer, Bonucci and not Di Sciglio.


RomeThe fittest is: Paulo Dybala. But Abraham and Pellegrini will also be deployed, looking for a league relaunch after a wrong penalty kick. Spinazzola as an ex-boyfriend, better than Selleck and Karsdorp. Cristianti and Matic weren’t much at this moment, nor was Camara. Zaniolo is back, to re-propose. In defending Ibanez on the rise (who is also a former), Smalling could stay there, and more cautiously with Mancini.

Atalanta: In Atalanta the reference point remains tyun BuyersIt is impossible to remove it. To be placed with the reserve, but this also depends on the alternatives, such as Malinovskyi and Pasalic. Gasperini is not always predictable, and it is also true of Morel. Hojlund If you missed a big front, Ederson and Lookman agreed. De Rhone can suffer a little, as does Hatebor. Sobi can stay there, not Okoli, Toloi and Demiral in good shape.

🕹 AC Milan – Napoli

Milan: Without Leao there is less quality in the trocar: Messi is better than Saelemaekers, the Champions League top scorer. De Ketelaere can be placed, Oliver Jerrod It shouldn’t be left out in games like this. Yes Tonali, better than the still publishable Bennacer. In defence, Theo is making history away, two better central players from Calabria who will tackle Kvaratskelli.

Naples: Defense is trustworthy now, Kim should be wearing. Lorenzo and Rahmani could be there, Mario Roy a little more dangerous. Lobotka gives a good mark, zambo Anguissa In constant growth. Zelensky is not restricted to San Siro, it’s a rule. Politano is doing well, it is impossible to exclude Kvaratskhelia from fantasy football. In the foreground, Raspadori and Simeone can be deployed with a reserve.

📍 mantra tips

Jacob QYOUR (Dc) is a more powerplant to put on a Mantra than a Classic, it comes from good performance. Denso issue (Dd, E) He assisted another, as a right-back who should be included in your lineup.

Now Lukic (C, T) It’s a great C today, it’s back to last year’s levels. Antonio Candreva (W) comes from a goal, it’s a good choice of match like W. philippe Anderson (W,A) Contrasted with Cremonese, preferably W.