“Paredes is what Juventus need”

Turin – The first Italian to focus on Leandro Paredes was Walter Sabatini. In 2013, the Argentine midfielder, at the time a talent of Boca Juniors, was often “company” with the then Roma team, who used to spend sleepless nights watching football in South America. Leandro’s engineering amazed me – says Sabatini –. I said it and I repeat it: he’s the most vertical player I’ve ever seen. Precisely for this reason, I am confused because he is the perfect midfielder for the Leopard of Allegri. Paredes thinks like Max vertically. It’s an innate trait: you either have it or you don’t. Leandro’s cross pass is always forward, to the attacking midfielder or to the retreating striker. This way of doing so allows the team to gain the field and advance 20-30 metres. Action men benefit above all from Paredes. As well as Valhovich, who is able to attack deep.”

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Paredes introduces himself: “I’ve always wanted to come to Juventus”

In Juventus, an original director – with a role – has been missing since the days of Pirlo and Pjanic… Does Paredes look more like a maestro or a pianist?

“He dances between the two. In the sense that Leandro has one thing and one thing from the other. As a character he is much closer to Pirlo. While at the level of technical sensitivity, he is more reminiscent of Pjanic, who was also a companion in Rome. Paredes, over the years in Trigoria, was Young and played a little, but he was well respected in the locker room. Partly because his talent was recognized by everyone and even then he was a serious, distinguished and elegant boy.”

Do you remember any shooting match between Totti, Pjanic and Paredes?

“Leandro has exceptional ballistic ability and has stood up to two specialists like Francesco and Miralem. In fact so far it makes me angry!”.


“Because Paredes, to his right, must score ten goals in every tournament from outside the penalty area, and the ball is in motion.”

After Russia’s experience with Zenit and France’s experience with Paris Saint-Germain, what did Paredes find in Italy?

“When you train every day with champions like the Paris Saint-Germain champions who are better in strength and from all points of view. Leandro is a more mature player, with international standing. He is a huge reinforcement for Juventus. But…”.


“I am honest: against Fiorentina I saw Paredes at 40% of his potential. It is also normal that this is the case, Leandro arrived at Juventus two days ago.”

Paredes discovers the world of Juve.  And at the J-Museum selfie in a Marchisio shirt

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Paredes discovers the world of Juve. And at the J-Museum selfie in a Marchisio shirt

As a football fan, Pepsi-Juventus would have liked more than all the plays of Messi, Mbappe and Neymar. His favourite?

“The artistic gestures of these three Martians don’t surprise me and I didn’t need PSG-Juventus for confirmation. The truth is another: Galtier must have been a coach with qualities!”

What makes him think so?

“Because persuading three phenomena like Messi, Neymar and Mbappe to pass the ball instead of playing each one on their own is anything but simple or predictable.”

Paredes played for PSG and still has a two-year contract. However, Juventus waited until the penultimate day of the transfer market in order to leave Paris and move to Juventus. Surprised?

“No, not at all! Players who pass from Italy sooner or later miss Serie A and do everything to get back. Paredes is just one of many cases. Think of Lukaku, Pogba…”.

Have you ever been close to a young Di Maria del Rosario Central in the past?

“No. That’s why I don’t consider him a regret, because also you can’t buy all the players. However, revisiting my Argentine stories in these years, I feel sad that I never came close to this talent. Fideo is 34 years old, but he is still a formidable hero” .


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Paredes: “We talked a lot about Juventus with Di Maria”

Tomorrow, at Juventus Salernitana, two of the best wingers of the past 10-15 years could have passed: Di Maria and Ribery. The challenge was postponed to the second round, but the best was the Argentine, the French, or Robben?

“We’re talking about three champions. If I had to name one, I’d say Robin. But by far the best winger in history was Garrincha.”


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Paredes: “I’ve always wanted Juventus. I hope to convince Di Maria to stay”

Will he be able to watch Juventus-Salernitana after splitting from Campania last summer?

“I always follow Salernitana, with sympathy as if it is still my team. For Juventus it will not be an easy match. It is well built, with young and strong players who will also have the transfer market, led by a coached team that has been underestimated. Nicola has been classified as a salvation technician.” Instead, he’s a good coach, very good. But unfortunately the world of football is full of my hopes. Think of me: I passed to just be a smoker or a capital gains coach instead. Football is my life.”

Allegri swears by Juventus fans above all about the quality of the game: what do you think?

“For people to stop bothering him…Allegri has an above average business sense. He solves problems. And it will be like that again. Max was unlucky, in one fell swoop he lost Kiza and Pogba. He hasn’t yet managed to get the most out of De Maria. When these three recover, you will see that Juventus will be stronger than last season.”

How did you face the divorce between Rosobli and Mihailovic as the former director of Bologna?

“I was upset. And I don’t say this because of the disease, and also because it heals. I would give it to Sinisa at least another month. Not for Christian charity, which does not exist in football and perhaps also in life. But because Mihajlovic does. It would have been worth it. That’s on a technical level. Too bad.”


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Paredes: “Juventus first, then I will think of the national team”

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