Paris Saint-Germain Juventus 2-1, Mbappe double and McKinney goal

The first half ends with the French double advantage signed by the striker, and McKinney reopens the game in the second half. A 2-2 chance in the final was missed by Locatelli

At the first crossroads in the Champions League between Juventus and Paris Saint-Germain, the Parisian team broke a taboo: for the first time, it beat the Bianconeri, at the ninth attempt in the European Championships. At Parco dei Principi, the first season of the Champions League ended 2-1 in favor of Galtier, after a two-sided match: in the first half, the hosts dominate by playing in complete control of the match both collectively. and exclusivity and concluded with two goals thanks to an amazing double from Mbappe; In the second half, Juve left, halving the score with newly entered Makini and showing important signs of growth, both in mentality and in the game.


Juventus, already orphaned by Szesny, Chiesa and Pogba, also lost Di Maria, who has not been called up because he is not ready yet after a muscle injury. Having lost his offensive beacon, Allegri decided to make sweeping tweaks to the cards, opting for a three-man defense for the first time this season. Novice Bremer on the right, return from 1′ Bonucci in the middle and Danilo on the left are the interpreters, with Cuadrado and Costek (another rookie) to piston on the wings and triple Rabio Paredes Meretti to cover at the back and dictate timing forward, as the unprecedented pair Milik-Vlahovic operates. Galtier, Vitina, recovered the usual 3-4-1-2 picks, with Messi behind Neymar and Mbappe. Magical triple wonderland, with French fortress for anyone, for head-and-legs speed.

Double Feature Psg

Juventus starts to press high, but the Neymar and Mbappe duo extinguish their enthusiasm after 5 minutes: the Brazilian invents a millimeter ball, and the Frenchman stabs Perrin with a violent right-footed shot in the area. The advantage does not prevent PSG, prompting them to search for a double, with the addition of Hakimi and Nuno Mendes to the wings, and forcing the Bianconeri to rebound dangerously. Juventus pressed and closed the spaces but failed to relieve the Parisian pressure by launching money transfer procedures. And even when he raises his head, the opponent’s area is a target too far away to reach. Except on one occasion: in the 19th minute with a header from Milik calls Donnarumma to take a kick, with Kostik who then did not find the goal face. The only sign of Juventus’ offensive life will remain in the first 45 minutes. The Parisian doubling inevitably comes: this time a very fast triple with Hakimi arming Mbappe’s left foot, which penetrates Perrin again, in the 22nd minute. PSG then put the match into slack, lowering the speed and volume of play, without Juventus being able to reverse. .

In the second half, Juventus turned

In the second half, McKinney took the place of Meretti, in his first match in Europe from 1′ and the youngest Juventus player in the Champions League / Champions Cup after Pioli, and this move turned out to be the winner: the match witnessed that Juventus is more interactive and energetic, and in the 53rd minute it leads Texas goal 2-1, thanks to a blank exit from Donnarumma. Now the match is open and fought, with Juventus turning over compared to the first 45 minutes. The net gave her confidence, the game looks smoother and her head is clearer. In short, the team opened up, regained the spirit and played without the ball. So much so that in the 55th minute he almost equalized, as Donnarumma rejected a close header from Vlahovic. Mbappe, Messi and Neymar (perfect saved in the final) did not leave the Bianconeri calm, but now Juventus do not stop waiting for the first step for others. Locatelli points out that Milik, PSG are in possession of the ball with the counter-attack, but he is no longer the dominant team in the first half. Allegri’s team also plays without the ball, has ideas and character, avoids bending too low and arrives from parts of the French region with good continuity. An equal goal seems to be within reach, Tantalik. Locatelli touches him, and the match is over, but Juve are there at least for a while, and from here they will have to start over.