Paris Saint-Germain Juventus, because Allegri’s season starts from Paris: the three reasons

In Paris, the Bianconeri was not dominated, but the individuals decided: the one that Allegri owns today is in the infirmary. So the near score and the rising end give a different flavor to defeat

The gap between Juventus and PSG on the Champions League starting grid, plus the fact that the lady eventually went to Paris to compete without being overwhelmed, puts the Bianconeri in a position to look at the positive signs from Barco de Principe. . The outsider’s stance against the favorite in the Champions League is different from that of the top player in a league where so much is legitimately demanded of Juventus. This is why it is easier to look at the cup as half full even in defeats like the one with PSG than in the nights of the championship that look gray than in higher expectations. But Allegri from Paris can pick up on the cues that form the building blocks of the Juventus season.

below for individuals

If Juventus had taken the time to give in, if they found themselves 2-0 up after about twenty minutes and the rest could have been more, it was due to the inevitable influence of the trio of wonders that PSG could propose in front of them. Especially on the axis between Neymar and Mbappe Manea. Solo play is the moment when a team sport approaches an individual sport. But without PSG’s ability to deliver the ball to the Three Musketeers at the front, it’s not that the Parisians have imposed themselves too heavily on Juventus in terms of play and control of the field: the number from 6 shots to 4 tells you that. A mirror of the target and 53% to 47% of the territorial advantage, all in favor of the French but not sharply, while the mileage figure hangs on the black and white panel of the scales. The reassuring truth for Allegri is not at the level of the game itself, nor at the level of brilliance, but Juventus has not collapsed at the level of the collective system as much as with regard to individuality. And the best Juventus personalities, those who arrived in the summer for the qualitative leap, Pogba and Di Maria, as well as a certain church, Allegri is the one who stopped them. Leaving a margin of hope in what Juventus could be upon his return.

Close result after all

He scored 2-1 with McKinney, and Juventus had a real chance to at least equalize. He and Donnarumma immediately succeeded in saving Vlahovic. He had about ten minutes left with Locatelli not so obvious in front of Gigio but from a great position. It was more general with a strong ending to really make the game to chase the lot, beyond saving the providence of Perrin on Neymar without which we wouldn’t talk about anything. To say that despite the absence of those perhaps the best individuals in the squad, despite the uncertainty of a defense in the untested squad of three, with Bonucci certainly not at the top in the second leg and with Bremer struggling with the price of his debut in the Champions Despite all this, Juventus went so far as to score on the grounds of one of the undoubted candidates for the European throne. Proximity does not count, but under the circumstances it is better from afar.

growing game

The second half in escalation is what leaves Juventus with a different taste in the mouth even on the night of defeat. The net different level of the opponent, in a sense a better taste of the draws with Sampdoria and Fiorentina. It’s not just a matter of sporting condition, which even in the first month of the season seemed to leave something desirable to some individuals too bad to believe, by their standards. Instead, the opposite trend compared to the last three matches was striking: straight, within ten minutes, against Roma, Spezia and Fiorentina, only to join and risk defeat against the Giallorossi and Viola, as well as with the Ligurians. They closed the matches 2-0 only in Al-Shifaa. Neo’s style in Paris was very different, but seeing Juventus soon step up changed the flavor of the evening. Flavor doesn’t make the rating, but it does help to see what’s behind the score in an away match, which, admittedly, in Allegri’s schedule was expected to be unable to score.