Paris Saint-Germain, Mbappe and Galtier at the conference. Kylian: I trust Pogba

Galtier: “Allegri, the Italian hurt: I respect him. Too bad for Di Maria. But we are not the favorites for the Champions League”

Smiles, relaxation, confidence and that extra motivation because anyway there is a team up front that shouldn’t be underestimated. In general, PSG arrived at Juventus with a certain calm but without giving weight to the words of Max Allegri who said that the winning match for the Bianconeri is a match against Benfica: “Allegri – responds his colleague Galtier – has a lot of experience and the grudges of an Italian coach whom I respect a lot”. While Mbappe takes Vlahovic’s standards: “He’s one of the strongest of his generation.”


“We’re not the favourites – that would be to underestimate the other great teams,” says Galtier. “There are 8 or 9 that could go on with everything, but in the Champions League there are always surprises with some twists and turns. In PSG we have the ambition to win, but I don’t.” I think we are the candidates.” And when they remind him of Allegri’s words, Galtaire smiles: “Allegri has a lot of experience and malice, he’s someone I respect a lot.” Then the French coach analyzed Juventus, saying: “It’s a high-level team with players and coaches accustomed to this competition, difficult to beat, and knows how to put opponents in difficulty. In addition, so far it has conceded only two goals in Serie A, which shows that it is a team Tough to move around, well organized in the defensive phase, strong in transitions with players who go deep into the ball and have an element as valuable as Vlahovic in attack.” But there is also Paris Saint-Germain: “I have faith in our abilities, not only to play but to win. My players are starting to have automatic mechanisms, and we will try to insist on creating an offensive to create risks for their defense. It is a pity that Di Maria is not there, but who solves His place will surely be his responsibility.”


So here is Mbappe, both smiling and relieved, who faces Juventus five years after being eliminated in the semi-finals, when he was playing for Monaco. The Frenchman does not seem to be bothered by the controversies lately, whether it be the rivalry with Neymar or the Pogba affair, which his brother accuses of having asked for a curse against the Parisian: “For now – Mbappe is proceeding with caution – I better trust Paul who I spoke to. It’s his word against word.” Brother. I also want to believe in my teammates for the sake of the national team and because we have an important competition to play. We will see. However, I don’t care much about this.” He also touches on Neymar’s separation with some separation: “We have a friendship that can vary, sometimes we are very close, others we go through periods of colder, but always with the utmost respect. Penalties? I am the first to take penalties, but this does not guarantee that you will always pay them.” Especially if you are in a team with Neymar and Messi. Tomorrow we see the match function.” A match in which Mbappe challenges Vlahovic: “A player of high quality who assured Juventus that he is one of the best players of his generation. He can improve even more, which is tremendous, but I think I am not wrong in saying that he will be one of the most important strikers in the next few years.” The present is made of Kilian’s ambition: “We want to start the Champions League in the best possible way for us and the fans. There are many strong teams that have strengthened it and they can win, but we will do our best to win as well.” With the owner of Donnarumma, Galtier confirms: “I am very satisfied with Gigio, so the hierarchy does not change.”