Pedal trip of more than 7000 km to design the world’s largest GPS bike

August 9 last two Italian cyclists Ariana Casiraghi Her language is English Daniel Rhino Kirkhopaccompanied by a third quadrupedal member, lagotto romagnolo from Finland, ZolaThey completed a feat that began in 2019: walking 7237 km and pedals In the heart of Europe, across 7 countries, to achieve The largest bicycle design in the world via GPS tracking.

Crazy project for a noble purpose

A project set by the heroes themselves (Zola would probably agree, too) “crazy job”. But for a noble purpose: Raising awareness among the community about the need to act personally in the fight against climate change, by choosing low-impact transportation.

Our project was born as a response to the political deadlock towards the climate and environmental emergency we are facing Explanation of the Ansar. Her goal is to motivate people to adopt one A more sustainable lifestyle, with special reference to options related to transportation. The science is clear: a growing global catastrophe is already manifesting itself through extreme heat waves, fires, and the devastating consequences of life-threatening droughts and floods. However, governments continue to postpone the drastic changes needed to preserve the planet and future generations. We need to change. We need to work. If politicians keep joking, this change and this action must come from us, from the people.”

So the crazy project was created in order to inspire others to leave the car in the garage as much as possible, and choose to use the bike in everyday life. Of course where the car is not the primary vehicle.

We firmly believe that the majority of the population can benefit greatly From moving from car to bike. Not only will this choice lead to a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions associated with transportation, thus slowing the speed at which climate change is occurring, but it will also contribute significantly to reducing air pollution, which is harmful to the environment. and environment. “

Another detail that Ariana and Daniel tend to highlight is that the bike represents A fun and economical car with positive repercussions on health. So why not prefer it to cars?

Pedal trip details

The trek started from Orta San Giulio (NO) in July 2019. The two traveled 550 km across the Swiss Alps to reach the starting point of the drawing, a village The temptation of the ancient East. From here on July 25, 2019, they started using the pedals to build the superbike, following the instructions in the previously provided diagram.

The hope was to finish the job at the end of November 2019 But things did not go according to plan. One of them had to deal with painful patellofemoral syndrome and had to withdraw from games to undergo a course of physical therapy. So they resumed work in November 2019, and charted other attributes until December 2019, when it was the unsuitable clothing of the cold that made them stop. Then came the Corona virus.

The flight resumed in June 2022 with the drawing completed on August 9, 2022 in the Belgian village Compogni. In total, the days were on the pedals 131. Cross countries: France, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Austria.

Record-breaking trip

With a pedal coverage of 7,237 km, Ariana and Danielle unofficially broke two records (we’ll see why later): the world’s largest GPS tracker design made of different modes of transport (7163.67 km) And the world’s largest GPS tracker design made just by bike (4106 km, unofficial record).

“At first we were hoping to enter Guinness world record With the largest GPS design in the world – They say -. To do this, we have collected a whole series of relevant evidence (photos of road signs and landmarks as well as receipts from stores) and of course always kept an active GPS signal log. Unfortunately, the rules for getting into the Guinness Book of Records state that Drawing is done continuously. This is impossible for us because of a knee accident and an epidemic.”


But who are Ariana and Daniel in everyday life? “We worked until recently as researchers in the field of physics in universities and research institutes”, They say. Ariana’s research focused on magnetism and experimental dental electronics, while Daniel’s research was devoted to structural physics and optimization. After completing their doctoral studies at the University of Nottingham (UK), where they met in 2008, they decided to move to FinlandThey started working as researchers. after that they Transfer to Italyand continue their research career for a few years.

The desire to abandon the car has ripened in the picturesque village of Orta San Giulio Enjoy the pedaling life. So they sold their four-wheeler and opted for a cleaner lifestyle, not without difficulty. But we did not regret our decision.”

On the bike, before this record feat, they shared several trips between European countries. The longest is from Orta San Giulio to Istanbul. Then came the great journey of 7,237 km. And now? Will they return to the lives of researchers?

“We have no plans to go back to our previous jobs, the goal is to adopt a more sustainable, simpler and less job-related lifestyle. Daniel hopes to start his own business by making ‘custom’ bikes (adapted through specific customization interventions, to the needs and expectations of the client, ndr). Ariana is hesitant about her future plans but knows she wants to promote an eco-friendly lifestyle in some way.”

Zola experience

Zola made the trip with her owners thanks to A special cargo bike Made for her by Danielle. During the trip, she spent most of her time indoors, in complete comfort, with a canopy providing shade in the summer and protection from the elements in the winter. Every day, she would get out of her car to run 10/5 kilometers, depending on the traffic in the area. As Ariana and Daniel mentioned, I enjoyed the experience a lot. “We think it was born to travel. I particularly enjoyed watching the world go by from its prime location, smelling every new scent. The tent became his new home.”

To relive the stages of the journey we advise you to take a look at Ariana and Daniel’s blog, A bicycle would save the world. ( and their Instagram account bicycleswillsavetheworld_.