Pictures of what it would be like between bike paths, new furnishings, and renewed green spaces

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Fano 09/05/2022
– “With the Viale Battisti project, we will support this desire to make our city more, more beautiful and more welcoming.” Mayor Siri enthusiastically presents to the city the redevelopment project, scheduled for 2023, which will cost 900,000 euros, as a result of a loan that unites the city center with the coastal region of Saxony.

“We are in the harvest stage – continues Siri -. In recent years we have worked and sowed a lot, and now we will reap the fruits of the work done. With this work we make this artery more functional and more welcoming. Cyclists, pedestrians and motorists make it alive, so in this way we make the city more convenient To live and make an area of ​​great value and great importance more strategic.Moreover, this artery will connect to the new waterfront which will make our waterfront a real distinctive element ready to project the city towards the future.

“The project from Via Garibaldi – says council member Fabiola Tonelli – embraces Via dante Alighieri, passing through Via Rosselli. We will start from Via Garibaldi with the redevelopment of the sidewalk, and then in the green area of ​​Via Rosselli, all interventions are planned in the real area with new furniture and seating New In Via Battisti there will be a subdivision of spaces by functions: today the use in this regard is unregulated and leads to a certain confusion The project, in addition to the redevelopment of Via Battisti, also includes a pedestrian bridge for bicycles costing 500 thousand, the construction of which we will evaluate in time later”.

“This is a dual-function intervention – explains the architect in Fano Stefano Luca Busati -: on the one hand, to make the traffic of bicycles, pedestrians and cars safe because today we are seeing some mixing of vehicles and bicycles. On the other hand, we will support the urban and architectural redevelopment that creates the conditions for an integrated development for the city. The common denominator that unites the design vision is the improvement of elements such as the green area, pedestrian and bicycle area, and parking. These three issues are very sensitive to citizens, so we have maintained global coherence to ensure the necessary harmony of users’ needs.”

“We divided the area into two blocks – confirms environmental consultant Barbara Brunori – the lower part and the upper part. In the upper part there is a guaranteed pedestrian profile with a sidewalk size of 1.50 metres. While in the lower part, there is interest for cyclists with the cycle path. There are also rest areas that give breath and make From Viale Battisti a leading artery. There is a vision that goes along with the waterfront project and changes the face of the city. There will be organic with vegetation and furnishings.”

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