Pioli, the conference on the eve of Sampdoria – Milan

Rossoneri coach on the eve of the match against Sampdoria: “Those who play here know that they have to accept the competition. My justice? It’s up to him to pretend”

By our correspondent Luca Bianchen

SAMP Milan is not a late Saturday evening at the beach, and Stefano Pioli tells the world: “We will find a strong opponent, with a good identity, very motivated. He comes from defeat, which brings more determination.” The main theme on the eve of change, rotation, with Origi sure of the first minute. “If it’s time for Divock to start as a starting player? I think so, he had minutes to pick up the pace, his condition has improved, he needs to play and I think he’s an excellent player.” On the other hand, on the trowels, a three-man race, with Adly stepping back to Brahim Diaz and de Kitilari. Pioli says he doesn’t like the word turnover (“I have a group of very strong players, and I’m sure everyone will give their input; for me, the team I’ll be on tomorrow is the best”) and explains, “My justice is there too, I expect a lot from him and it will be It’s up to him to pretend. He will play when I see fit. Charles does whatever I ask, I’m very happy. Ibrahim has agility, speed and brilliance, I definitely count on him. I will try to choose the most suitable player.” Ah, anyone hoping to see Adly as Mizala in a 4-3-3 game has to wait: “No, I haven’t tried him in that position yet.”

How to use CDK

De Ketelaere was a great topic for the conference: “We can look for him more. We have to trust his qualities more, he has to understand more when to connect the game and when to go deep – says Pioli -. I don’t want to involve a player. Just to give him minutes, otherwise I will punish the team.” Then the more he plays, the more he knows each other, but that’s not an essential goal.” Invitation to Milan, then, to play the ball on Charles, to engage him. And about the new, widening the circle: “I knew Dest, we’ve already followed him in the past. I found what I expected, I saw him more attentive to defense than I thought. In Salzburg, he held his position well, taking good entries. He has to do more with the ball, in offensive thrust. He can flip the movement and jump on the man. He likes to play on the left but we have many solutions, the important thing is to give him time to get to know Milan.”

Nothing Rebek

In training, then, an open ballot for the right-back, very clear ideas for attack (Leao does not touch, Origi is in front) and for the central area. In defense as Gayer sure, most likely with Tomori. In the middle of Pobega sure, definitely with Tonali. “I liked Tommaso in Salzburg, he tried with his hand, he has a good hit – Pioli smiles – he is getting older, we are focused on him.” Instead, nothing to do for Rebek: “Speculation about his physical problems? I don’t like these allegations, unfortunately he has a lot of pain in his back. It’s very positive, he does everything but we still can’t get rid of the pain.”


In conclusion, glimpses of Milan. The first topic, management of the match: “We are not able to manage the match, we have to play and give everything for 95 minutes. If one has to manage the match, I manage it: he does not play and he will play the next match.” The second topic, the angles, in which Milan find it difficult to score: “The people who want to know why we are not doing better are right, and we have to beat them better. The beauty of this team is that the players have my feelings too. Believe me we are working on it, and I hope To see improvements soon. Now it’s a priority.”