Pogba case: Paul’s brother was arrested along with 4 other people

According to AFP, which cited judicial sources, Matthias, the older brother of the Juventus midfielder, has returned to prison after the judge’s decision regarding the alleged extortion against Paul.

This time Mathias Pogba was officially under investigation and detained. After three days of interrogations in custody with him, there are now enough elements to make him one of the main suspects in the extortion against his brother Paul, the Juventus midfielder. This was upheld by the judge who was presented to him along with four other individuals, all implicated in a decadent case even in the black and white kidnapping, with a demand to pay 13 million euros. So Matthias remains in prison on charges of “extortion in an organized gang” and participation in a “criminal association”.

to kidnap

It all started with the France international’s condemnation when he decided in July to break the blackmail mechanism. Also because, according to Equipe’s report, Mathias had also sent messages with threatening tones to Raffaella Pimenta, an agent and lawyer for Juventus, who had lodged a complaint in Turin also with his mother Yu Moreba. Thus began the initial investigations that shed light on a story with features of a family feud. In March, on the sidelines of the withdrawal of the national team, Paul was kidnapped for a few hours in an apartment on the outskirts of Paris by some of his acquaintances who, even with the use of weapons, demanded 13 million euros, to make up for allegations. Protection services during his career. On that day, however, Matthias has a legal argument and is legally considered an “auxiliary witness,” the kind of person who has been informed of the facts. However, after the initial payment of 100,000 euros, which was limited by the bank’s decision, the racketeers remain a threat in both Manchester and Turin, where Paul moved this summer. And in July, they also appeared at the Juventus training center. On this occasion, the midfielder claims that he recognized his brother from among the criminals.


Then at the end of August, Matthias posted videos on social media announcing spoilers including one whereby Paul had paid a magician to hit his national teammate Mbappe with the evil eye (version denied by black and white, editor). The former striker, who has not had a team since last April but has always worked with his younger brother, denied any involvement even in front of investigators who summoned him on Wednesday to highlight his role. However, evidence gathered last night through the interrogation of the other four suspects, aged between 27 and 26, also prompted authorities to bring Matthias before a judge who officially put him under investigation and kept him in custody. Lawyer Yassin Bouzrou attends the appeal: “Justice acquits him of the most serious charge, and we will appeal the judge’s decision to return to freedom as soon as possible.” So this is the first step in a procedure that may or may not lead to an indictment.