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Everything is ready for the 95th World Road Cycling Championships.
I World Cup Wollongong 2022 They will be raced in Australia in the New South Wales (NSW, NSW) region.
Wollongong is located in M 80 km South Sydney: with 300,000 people It is the tenth largest city in Australia.

A city where cycling is such a part of the lifestyle that Wollongong was named in February 2021 UCI Bike City.
Recognizing that the world’s leading cycling device is entrusted to cities that, in addition to hosting official UCI events, develop and implement customized infrastructures and initiatives Cycling Promotion.

to me First time 2022 World Cup Wollongong will award a prize world titles (Experience individual time and route) under 23 years old To the first female athlete ranked in each competition in the elite women’s category.
They will be more than 1.000 The best cyclists in the world around it 70 countries He called for the revitalization of eight days of competition between individual time trials and in-line races intended for the junior (men and women), under-23 (men), elite women and elite men’s categories.
Who is the All the Azorean athletes summoned.
Who is the Entry list of all tests.

The event will open with individual experiences for elite women and men that will take place on Sunday 18th September.
By tradition, on Sunday, September 25, the elite men’s lineup will conclude the World Championships.

World Cup Wollongong 2022

Behind the 2022 Wollongong World Championships, there is an ancient knowledge of international cycling: Mark Renshaw (Pictured below) Mark Cavendish has had 16 seasons as the last professional and valuable guy. Renshaw is the road safety official.

The direction of the race is entrusted to another Australian, Scott Sunderlandwho like Renshaw is originally from New South Wales.
Sunderland is the racing director of the competitions Flanders classics (Belgian company also organizes the Tour of Flanders, editor) and in many other international competitions.

Mark Renshaw wanders down Rama Street towards Mount Pleasant – the main point of the city circuit.

The timezone will complicate life a bit for all fans. in WollongongAustralian Eastern Standard Time (AEST, GMT +10:00).
All departure times and forecasts for arrival times must be modified by movingTurn back the clock eight hours.

Below is the official interactive map with itineraries of all exams and points of interest.

Chrono and mixed migration paths

All tests with time predict Departure and arrival in Wollongong straight in Market Street e marine engine In the heart of the Australian city near the coast overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

The “basic” path, which all classes and mixed relays encounter, is 14.1 km. There are no difficulties in rising except for a rupture Mount Usley: 500 meters with an average slope of 4%.
The real difference will be made by being able to ride a bike and restart the action because the track is showing More than 30 curves With the first part that is never completely flat.

World Cup Wollongong 2022

Sunday 18 September for the first time Elite men and women They will run the same distance: 34.2 km.
First, a reason for the UCI to promote gender equality.
The two courses, in contrast to the women’s, men’s and under-23 trials, involve the introduction of another flat extension of 2.7 km towards Toradjithe northern suburb of Wollongong.
I The first step Below the finish line at km 16.8. After the two classes will cover another course. the total: 34.2 kmAnd the 312 meters in height.

World Cup Wollongong 2022

Race gives elite He will leave in hours 09:35 EST (Australian Standard Time, GMT +10:00).
Race Elite men Instead, it will start in 13:40 EST. The last competitor to walk off the podium will be Filippo Ganna at 16:19 AEST.
Who is the Women Elite time trial schedule.
Who is the Elite men’s time trial schedule.

World Cup Wollongong 2022

Monday 19 there will be Men under 23 times to trial to stimulate attention.
28.8 km e 264 meters in height. The course follows the path of elite trials with one exception: children under the age of 23 will not deviate towards Towradgi.
The start is at 1:20pm AEST.
Who is the timetable.

Tuesday 20 Categories will be Young women and men.
The women’s race track follows the 14.1-kilometre “core” track from Market Street to Marine Drive.
14.1 km e 132 meters in height.
The first athlete will leave the podium at 09:30 AEST.
Who is the Women’s Junior schedule.
Who is the The schedule for young men.

Wednesday 21 days dedicated to mixed sequence (mixed sequence).
He will be the first to leave the men (hours 14:20 EST). Once they reach the finish line, the women will start.
For classification purposes, the total travel time derived from the sum of the two races is valid.
28.2 km Total (14.1 km for men and 14.1 km for women).
Who is the timetable.

World Cup Wollongong 2022

All .gpx tracks of stopwatch cycles are available Who is the.


Wollongong World Championship 2022: Online Experience Methods

The break on Thursday 22, with City Circuit (17.1 km) closed for training from 09:30 to 12:30 AEST, serves as a prelude to internet racing.
It will be its own city circuit 33 . curve To decide the fate of online trials.

The track already follows the routes of the men’s under-23, junior women’s and men’s time trial champions with a short 500m ascent of Mount Usley.
At the top of this slope, the City Circle, unlike the trial time path, presents one Turn left that will bring athletes Al Ramah Street. Here will begin the short and treacherous ascent to Al enjoyable mountain (photo below). 1.1 km at 7.7% and a maximum slope of 14%.

World Cup Wollongong 2022

Elite men and women will be the only ones tackling a stretch along the coast in the early stages of the race, which features the spectacular crossing of the island. Sea Cliff Bridge (photo below).
After the two tracks, a round of the circuit (equal to 12.3 km) is included with an ascent Monte Kera (8.7 km at 5%, maximum incline 15%).

World Cup Wollongong 2022

Elite Women and Men will then return to Wollongong via Springhill Road to take to the city circuit end line Which will be in all exams marine engine Just a few steps from the ocean.
The white line in Marine Drive will also identify a file take off of online experiences for men under 23 and young women and men.


Friday 23 September It will be up to little men.
they will be otto i giri From the city circle to be covered for a total of 135.6 km and 2,016 meters of height.
Departure is at 08:15 AEST. Expected arrival between 11:27 am and 11:46 am AEST.
Who is the timetable.

The race will start at 13:00 AEST Men under 23 years old.
169.8 km and 2520 meters in height. The city circle is repeated ten times.
Expected arrival between 4:59pm and 5:23pm AEST.
Who is the timetable.

World Cup Wollongong 2022

Saturday 24 September The race program starts at 8:00 AEST with the online race Don Jr.
67.2 km and 1,008 meters in height. The city circle is repeated four times.
Expected arrival between 09:46 and 09:58 AEST.
Who is the timetable.

At 12:25 a.m. EDT, it was the first test pedal stroke gives elite.
164.3 km With a total elevation difference of 2433 metres.
Unofficial departure from Helensburg The Km 0 is fixed at Lawrence Hargrave Road after 6.9 km of transfer. The official starts at 12:38 AEST.
The first section of 28 km online. Less than 136.3 km from the end, the Jebel Kira circuit will begin which will traverse the subtropical jungle.
The km 62 From the race (minus 102.3 km to the end) you will enter into City Circuit.
Elite women will have to run six laps Arrive between 4:45 PM and 5:12 PM AEST.
Who is the timetable.

Sunday 25 September Evidence – proof Elite men Which will conclude the World Cup 2022 Wollongong.
Starts at 10:15 AM EST (2:15 AM ITALY) and expects to arrive between 4:33 PM AEST (8:33 AM ITALY) and 5:10 PM AEST (9:10 AM) Italian time).
266.9 km and 3945 meters in height. Figures close to those of Liège-Bastogne-Liège 2022 (257.1 km and 4500 m in altitude).

The tournament will be similar to the Elite Women event. Entering the city circuit at the 62nd kilometer of the race with the only difference being the number of laps that will be for the elite men ten.
A race for specialists in the Nordic classics?
Who is the timetable.

World Cup Wollongong 2022

Even the temperatures and weather are coupled with the climatic conditions of the beginning of the season. September 2021 Wollongong record Medium temperature From 21.6 °C (15.8°C to 29.6°C) with six rainy days and an average humidity of 66%.

All .gpx online exam tracks are available Who is the.


2022 Wollongong World Championships: Where to watch it on TV

The full schedule has not yet been determined.
RAI Sport and Eurosport will broadcast the signal live with wide coverage.
Under all TV schedules.

Sunday 18 September

RAI Sport +

Live from 5:15 to 09:20.

Live on Eurosport Player starting at 01:30.
At 3:00 the link will also open on Eurosport 1 until 09:20.

Monday 19 September

RAI Sport +

Live from 5:15 to 09:20.

Live on Eurosport 1 starting at 05:10.
At 05:30 the connection will also open on Eurosport Player until 09:20.

Tuesday 20 September

RAI Sport +

Postponed from 2.15 pm to 4.45 pm.

Live on Eurosport 1 and Eurosport Player from 01:20 to 03:30.
At 05:10, the connection will open again on both platforms until 09:20.

broadcast live be Raiplay.itAnd the Eurosport player And on all other platforms that allow watching Eurosport such as Sky GO, NOW, DAZN, Tim Vision and Discovery +.


Foto in Apertura: Dee Kramer Photography

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