PSG, Allegri and Bonucci at the conference: “Pogba? We’ll bring him back in January”

Juventus coach on the eve of his first appearance in Europe: “You need 10 points to pass the round. We will play a great match against the French national team. World Cup Paul? I look at my house, but there is no point in thinking about what could have been done differently. A month ago “. Bonucci: “We’re playing for the qualifiers with Benfica”

By our correspondent Fabiana Della Valle

Leonardo Bonucci has known Massimiliano Allegri for many years and also learned to decipher it, so he responds with a smile when asked if he agrees with the coach that the most important match is the one against Benfica: “Tomorrow will be a beautiful match and a complex match – says the Juventus captain, who will return with Paris Saint-Germain after a muscle problem – because we all know the coach and know how much these statements are to relieve stress. We prepared it as an important match and are ready to fight a battle against a great team, even if we know we are playing for qualification against Benfica.” Asked about the same topic, Parisian technician Christophe Galtier made it clear that he did not fall for it: “Allegri is more experienced than me and has Italian malice that I really appreciate.” Moral: No one thinks that Juventus has come to Paris for a walk, although the Bianconeri were on time, as well as without Pogba (who is working today), as well as without Di Maria.

by Maria out

“He and Angel are exceptional players,” says the coach, then points out that choosing not to contact the Argentine winger was his choice: “If I think the recovery is done quickly? In hindsight you are not going anywhere. I decided to play Di Maria at home with Spezia.” Because a shock was needed, Sunday was better and in Florence he had a good time, risking losing him for a useless period was useless, because we have a lot of important matches ahead. I didn’t bring him because he was training a little, and it didn’t make sense if he wasn’t the real Di Maria “.

Paris Saint-Germain Cup favourites

But in the match: “I never said I didn’t want to win it, but my job: the Champions League group starts tomorrow, 10 points are needed to pass the round. I’m sure we’ll play a great game technically. Tomorrow will be a great evening, being here to play is Proud of all of us.Paris Saint-Germain is among the strongest in Europe, for me it is the number one favourite.We should think about passing the round because from March it will be another Champions League.In Florence we stopped after the advantage and we need to improve that.At the moment we haven’t Neither the scudettos nor the Champions League are determined.”

Pogba in January

The case of Pogba, who, after a month and a half of conservative treatment, decided to undergo surgery, also took the lead: “Paul made a conservative choice and we will bring him back in January, we have to be realistic. I didn’t say he wouldn’t be able to play the World Cup, and I don’t know if He would be back in time, I look at my house: If he doesn’t come back by November 13, we’ll see him again in January. This morning he went out for the second time, stopped, and decided to have surgery. If there was irritation, why didn’t he have the operation right away? I’m just looking forward The past cannot be changed. There is no point in thinking now about what could have been done differently a month ago.”

Max’s doubts

The coach offers little clues regarding the line-up: “Tomorrow Bonucci, Rabiot and Velhovic will return, and I have to decide the rest. I have to see how Paredes and Alex Sandro work.” The feeling is that Milik could be next to the Serbian striker. The forfeiture of Di Maria, who was tried this morning as owner, must have changed plans. In any case, the match against PSG will be “an important test against a great team. Messi, Neymar and Mbappe when they have the ball exceptionally, we have to be good when we don’t have the ball”. “Mbappé is a stratospheric player – adds Bonucci -, has all the potential to be the best in the world, has the future on his side and still has a great desire to grow. It will take a lot of teamwork to stop PSG. We are here with the realization that we can do something extraordinary. “. Welcome back to the Champions League.