62′- First Switch: Take Jack out to King.

60′- A special case, meanwhile, is the Ten Rangers.

58′ – Parade! Zielinski again Mock McGregor again! This time too, Pole took a bit of trying, and the choice was questionable and double wrong.

56′ – GOOOLLL! Zielisnki penalty saved! Ali Politano answered put on the net! But there is a rat, the target has been canceled! repeats! Too many players in the penalty area at the time of serving. It must be said that Zelensky took very little repetition.

55 ‘- Penalty for Napoli! Absolute sands! Breakthrough in the game!

54′- The Zielinski-Politano formula and the conclusion of the latter are below.

53′- Booked the sand, do it on Politano.

52′- Goldson’s Head, Bank Ends at the Bottom: An Opportunity for the Rangers.

50′ – Rahmani saves everyone, sweeps the area from a dangerous cross from Tavernier, a corner kick.

48′- You hit and hit the area, and in the end he spares infidels and rejects McGregor with his fists.

48′- Kfara Anguesa suggests it will be a corner kick.

46′- The second half begins, no changes

————————————————– —-

47′- The final thrill of Naples: a tower in the area, Morelos arrives from kicking the ball all the way and Naples is saved! Thus ends the first half.

45′- Another good play and epilogue about infidels, just palal!

44′- There will be two minutes of recovery.

43′- Out of analogy conclusion by Mario Roy, not a good character.

42′- What a closure from Kim! In a slip, Tavernier’s pocket refused in favor of Morelos: what an interference!

41′- Politano warned that he was behind the scenes.

40′- Di Lorenzo puts his foot on the ground poorly, the ankle makes an abnormal movement and remains on the ground in pain.

38′ – Another Chance! This time the free kick is from the right, and Zelensky passes it in the middle. Di Lorenzo alone fails to cash the ball!

35′- Punishment was hit by Politano, refusing below defense and Lobotka’s kicks to the stars to avoid a restart.

35′- Another mistake by Lundstram and Yellow arrives without protests.

33′- Rrahmani toss an infidel, Lundstram stops him. He raised his leg a bit but for the referee everything is regular.

30′- An insistence by the Azzurri, ends with a weak shot from Politano in the arms of the goalkeeper.

28′- High and powerful pressure from the Rangers, Di Lorenzo tampers and gives his opponents the ball. Napoli is having a hard time pressing.

26′- On the wing, Kvara accelerates and Lundstram points, jumps and kicks: another ball over the bar.

24′- Kent vertically to Morelos, Merritt saved.

22′- So much intensity on the pitch, so many physical contacts: Napoli are respected with greater determination and technique.

20′- Morelos warned: his leg is stretched over Merritt.

17′ – What a chance! Kvara sends Simeone into the net, and tries to pass the ball under the goalkeeper’s legs but McGregor deflects into a corner.

16′- Politano’s desperation, he enters the area well with his classic move in the area but loses his time kicking on goal.

14′- Free kick from Zielinski, the ball in the center of the area: the introduction of Anguisa who does not find the ball. Line out.

12′ – Save Big Meret! A dangerous counterattack by Rangers, Central Ball, Arfield’s Finale, and Merritt fly out of the intersection!

10′- An incredible descent by Kent, two men jump and set in the middle of the zone: Tavernier’s conclusion and Mario Roy’s divine recovery.

7′- Tavernier saves a shot from Kfara after a good play. High rhythms to match.

6′- Very aggressive Scots, very physical game. Now Simeone’s mistake in attack: it could have been a good opportunity.

4′- Crackle begins with an exciting opportunity on each side.

3′ – the pole of Naples! Mario Roy’s cross, short defensive tackle and a fierce shot from Zelensky that takes the post almost full at a fork in the road!

2′- Junoun Rahmani passing the ball in the middle of the area: He was making a mess: Rangers corner.

1′- Crossing in the middle of the zone, Kim Morelos alone forgot in the zone and the ball just went out! Merritt was hit, what a danger!

1′- Starting Rangers, let’s go!

– Rangers with mourning on their arm, amazing choreography by home fans. The minute of remembrance begins.

– Soon the teams will start tunneling. Napoli in the white shirt, there will be no champion anthem, but a minute of reflection.


Rangers Napoli TV – Rangers Napoli Champions LeagueLive for free too CalcioNapoli24.it. The second day of the Champions League calendar for Napoli with the first group you see the Azzurri immediately participating in a big game. The match will take place tonight Rangers Napoli. The match will be visible live even when the live reaction has begun Naples TV 24 (Channel 79 digital terrestrial in Naples / Caserta) and us YouTube channel Football Naples 24.

Rangers Naples | Live video

Live Rangers Napoli: textual facts

Dear Readers Football in Naples 24Good evening and welcome straight rangers-NaplesThe match is valid for the second day of the Champions League in the Napoli group. Starting The time of the match, Rangers, Napoli is 21:00 from Glasgow Stadium. Here are all the updates for the game.

20.30 – Teams on the field to warm up as the fans started to burn.

20.15 – Yesterday we remember Liverpool’s 2-1 victory over Ajax. Therefore, tonight Napoli has a chance to take the lead in the group, both with a win but also with a draw.

20.00 – There are some absences at Rangers, including the starting goalkeeper. Spalletti relied on the starting line-up, with the exception of Simeone.

7.40pm – formal training

  • Napoli 4-3-3: Meret, Di Lorenzo, Rahmani, Mengai, Mario Rui, Anguisa, Lobotka, Zielinski, Politano, Simeone, Kvaratskelli. Dis: Idasiac, Sirigu, Ostigard, Olivera, Juan Jesus, Zanoli, Elmas, Ndombele, Gaetano, Zerbin, Raspadori
  • Rangers 4-2-3-1: McGregor, Tavernier, Lundstram, Goldson, Jack, Davis, Kent, Sands, Morelos, Parisik, Arfield. Disp: McCrory, Bodenaucas, Yilmaz, Colak, Matondo, Camara, Wright, Davies, Sakala, King, Devin, Tillman

19.30 – was a team coach Naples Arrived at the stadiumwhere the Napoli spring team also arrived, fresh from the 3-2 defeat this afternoon.

19.15 – Ibrox Stadium is expected to see a particularly warm cheering in the second round of the Champions League on the first day.

19.00 – There are some doubts about the training Luciano Spalletti: Simeone should start from the first minute, as well as Oliveira on the left. These are the potential formations waiting for the official formations.

Possible formations

  • Rangers (4-2-3-1 .)): MacGregor; Tavermier, Goldson Sands, Parisik; Davis, Lundstram; Tillman, Camara, Kent; Colac. everybody. Van Bronckhurst
  • Naples (4-3-3): Merritt. DiLorenzo, Rahmani; Kim, Oliveira; Zelensky, Lobotka, Anguisea; Politano, Simeone, Kvaratskellia. Spalletti flocks

Here is all the information:

Long live Rangers Napoli

Rangers-Napoli: Live broadcast on Calcio Napoli 24

Rangers Napoli 2022 live broadcast on CN24. For everything related to pre-match, match, highlights and interviews with the champions, you can follow the action on Calcio Napoli 24. Visible friendly match live stream on Naples TV 24 (Channel 79 digital terrestrial Naples / Caserta) and YouTube channel Football Naples 24 With direct reaction with Riccardo Catapano and Salvio Passante.

also on Football Napoli 24 TVChannel 79 of the digital earth Campania All updates on the only TV channel dedicated to Napoli football.

Long live Rangers Napoli
Rangers Napoli