Ranking without referee errors: Fifth day, first oversight

After four foul-free days, or at least critical fouls, that is, capable of altering the outcome of matches, here are the first of the crucial fouls. Three matches of the fifth round of the tournament were marked by whistle “accidents”, and they were not corrected in the Var’s room. Souza in OlympicoFrom Duties towards the FranksFrom Chevy Derby nail San Siro it’s you Giua in Spezia-Bologna. Who among them made the biggest blunder?

Fiorentina-Juventus, another penalty for Viola missing

It took a var why duties I noticed the wide arm of Paredes And give rigor to Fiorentina, then save it Beren Jovic. But there could also have been another penalty for Viola, which the Romanian match director and his counterpart in Phar’s room did not see. In fact, there are many doubts about the existence of a connection in the area between them Cuadrado and Sutil, With the Colombian who risked too much: the maximum penalty was sacred.

Derby Milan – Inter: Pardon Theo Hernandez by the Red

Red would have been there for Theo Hernandez In the derby final withInter. The Frenchman, who has already been warned, stops playing badly Dumfries which he overcame, but Chevy He did not even recognize the ends of the penis. A surprising decision given the blatant nature of the corrupt intervention. If the penalty is awarded, the second yellow will automatically be color. However, for the purposes of our rules, this is an omission that did not change the outcome of the match.

Lazio-Naples, the episode that angered Sarri

The challenge between Lazio and Naples, Deceive sariuribund for decisionsReferee Souza. In general, however, he is mistaken in only one circumstance: in fact, the penalty for military intervention Roy be Lazarie. Everything is normal to whistle syregnowho evaluated the other controversial episodes well, starting with the goal Kim Quite regularly as the Korean was “paid” to his observer when the match was stopped.

Spezia-Bologna, vibrant protests by Ligurians in the final

Among the matches, doubts and other mutual accusations of summit In the match between the hosts spices and the Bologna. Strong suspicions, in particular, about the connection in the area between them Agudelo and Lucumì, With the Rossoblo player seemingly late in La Spezia. not forReferee Giua. Missing a penalty kick to the team gotti, Therefore, he could gain in this way two other points of great importance in the perspective of salvation.

The classification without the errors of the Italian league referees

Here it is Serie A standings 2022-2023 without referee errorsupdated grid of all critical omissions of the whistles:

Atalanta 13 Atalanta 13
Naples 11 Milan 11
Milan 11 Udinese 10
Udinese 10 Rome 10
Rome 10 Turin 10
Turin 10 Inside 9
Juventus 9 Lazio -1 9
Inside 9 Naples +2 9
Lazio 8 Fiorentina -2 8
Salernitana 6 Juventus +1 8
Fiorentina 6 spices -2 7
Sassuolo 6 Salernitana 6
Verona 5 Sassuolo 6
spices 5 Verona 5
Empoli 4 Empoli 4
Bologna 3 LECCE 2
LECCE 2 Sampdoria 2
Sampdoria 2 Bologna +1 2
generous 1 generous 1
Monza 0 Monza 0

the rules

This ranking is established based on what happens on the field, marking crucial episodes that can directly determine the outcome, such as approved or disallowed goals, penalties awarded or not, and exaggerated or unfair sending offs several minutes after the end. from the match. Non-conclusive variables are not directly considered, such as yellow cards, real or presumed errors made in the action prior to the event that led to a goal, presence throws, contested corners, contested ejections in Cesarini area, etc. In the event of a tie between two or more teams, the team with the most penalties over the course of the tournament is awarded.

Virgilio Sport’s Serie A No-fault Honor Roll

Here are the winners of the special Virgilio Sport, now in its fourth edition.

2019-20: Inter
2020-21: Inter
2021-22: Milan