Rome, Abraham disappeared: the case became alarming

Udine – It’s hard to understand, let alone explain. what we saw from Rome Before discovering the other side in Udine? A team that used to accept little or nothing for all opponents, and who had only conceded a free kick goal in the first four days, suddenly disappeared without being able to limit damage. Karsdorp and Rui Patricio’s crucial errors in the first two goals are not enough to tell a mere absurd match. Dybala e maticCoincidentally, two new players seemed to rise to the occasion. In the changing rooms the disappointment is enormous. Not surprisingly, no one commented on the disaster in front of the press. An unusual fact for Rome, who obviously wanted to rearrange thoughts rather than say banality.

Udinese Rome, slow motion


However, the most disturbing situation includes Tammy Abraham. e Shoulder injuryFortunately, it doesn’t look serious. The truth is that Ibrahim has not yet made a turn back from last season. Signals were sensed in the first weeks, despite the important goal scored in JuventusAnd they manifested themselves in all their cruelty at the Dacia Arena. He hopes Gareth Southgate will sit in the stands to watch him and Smalling Looking at the World Cup, yesterday’s test was not considered final. Otherwise, the race in the national team will become more complicated.

to merge

In the first half, as the lone striker, he struggled to get rid of the two Udinese defenders, so much so that he chose to come in frequently to get the balls up the front line, far from goal. In the second he had to play as a second striker to help Belotti, so stay away from the box. In total he touched only 24 balls. And none of them were put to good use. Of course, this could not only be his fault. The team as a whole is the one who missed the match. But Ibrahim has to do more, like a mentor Mourinho Confirmed after the tie in Turin.

towards the cup

Rome came back at night to get ready For the first time in the European League. The crowd – there were many in Friuli – continued to sing until after the end, the players who thanked them applauded from the stadium. Their confidence will not fail to turn one, albeit painful, direction. But Mourinho now, with so many injuries, should form a viable formation for Trip to Bulgaria against the Ludogorets. Only Abraham could rest at first, awarding the first as a start to Belotti. The rotation of the wings was then reduced, with Celik and Zalewski preparing to replace the bad wings Karsdorp e Spinazzola from this period. But there should also be room for Madi Camara, who made her Serie A debut in Udine: he got into hackneyed matches, so he will have to be reviewed in different situations, but in those few minutes he confirmed the characteristics that attracted Roma. He’s a dynamic, fast-paced midfielder with a good personality. To make way for him in Razgrad will be Cristante and Matic. Finally, pay attention to the ballot paper in the goal: not for yesterday’s foul but in the cup Rui Patricio should rest. In this case, this would be the first appearance of Svelar II.

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