Rugby Rovigo dyes a good city living room red and blue

Rovigo – Attacking Petrarca Padua, the ace takes all 2021-2022 season (Coppa Italia and Top 10) starting from Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II. Rovigo rugby, the most oval city in Italy, met at the Salon To officially introduce the Bersaglieri team and youth teams.

Obviously the target is the Scudetto, Alister Coetzee Russoble led to the final in his freshman year in Rovigo, never clear after a deep revolution, and now the second step, with Many are young in terms of quality and weight boosters to replace some excellent starts.

On Saturday the tenth of September, just after nine in the evening, in Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II, she wore red, an inextricable link with the city. Rovigo is famous all over the world for rugby, and for more than 30 years President Francesco Zampelli The symbolic team supports the national oval scene. Despite the era of professionalism, and the establishment of two federal franchises (Parma and Treviso), which impoverished the association of the best Italian talent, Rovigo has not lost its enthusiasm, on the contrary. In the past 11 years, it has returned to the highest levels, With the presidency of Zambile He won two championships (2016 and 2021) and the Italian Cup (the first in the history of Rossolpo), And many more endings. The opponents have been the same for years, Calvisano and Petrarcha of Padua, But the 2022-2023 tournament promises to be more balanced, with Valorrugby, Fiam Oro and also Kolorno Compete for a place in the playoffs.

Saturday at the Monte Junior Rovigo Youth Space Theater, Which established a fruitful cooperation with other realities of the region, several first-team players were included in the coaching staff (including Lubian, Visentin and Chillon) to give continuity to the Rossoblo project, which had the star in the first polar team. In Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II Applause for Stephane Basson who came home to coach the U19 team, Big squad of young Bersaglieri who already last year was very satisfied with coach Lodi.

Alessandro Lodi, who has been promoted to assistant alongside South African head coach Alistair Coetzee, is already giving dimensions to the future project.Deceive David Gazon An advanced coach will give continuity to a job started 12 months ago.

In the first team show he was just missing Lautaro Bazan Velez, the Argentine half called up with Pumas for the “Rugby Championship”, is supposed to be in Rovigo on September 25-26, and will be available for the first tournament in Viadana. During the evening, the player announced himself in a video call from Argentina


At first the newcomers were called on stage, then others, and finally Captain Matteo Ferro with the coaching staff. Full Rugby Team Rovigo 2022-2023 Belloni: Marco Siciol, Nicola Quaglio, Entian Swanepoel, Nicola Pomaro, Emmanuel Leccioli, Stefano Lugato. prostitutes: Mattia Ronan, Filippo Cadorini, Eduardo Ferraro, Enrico Julian. The second lines: Paulo Stolo, Matteo Ferro, Marco Ravato, Keegan Munro, Cameron Lindsay (South Africa). The third lines: Eduardo Luppian, Bautista Staffel, Lautaro Casado Sandri, Enrico Mario Liot, Ducio Cosi, Stefano Cerrone. average del micha: Lautaro Bazin Velez (coming from Argentina), Alberto Chillon, Andrea Vicentin. Opening averages: Abner van Renen (South Africa), Giovanni Montemore. Wings/Limbs: Andrea Pacchetti, Nicholas Bordin, Alessandro Siovani, Riccardo Gilli, Leonardo Sarto, Luca Burin. Positions: Paolo Oncini, Rafael Liertura, Facundo Ferrario (Argentina), Lorenzo Eletri.

The team was formed on the recommendation of the technical staff from Sports Director Paula Rowe, The newcomers have already shown themselves in the friendly win with Fiamme Oro, From the 17th of September we started to deal seriously with the Coppa Italia and the first away on Piacenza, on the 24th instead of the second match of the group at home with Vidana.

The tournament begins on October 1 with an away match from Vidana, debuting at Battaglini the following week with Piacenza. Calendar jokes.

in the yard rossoblù Posse To subscribe to membership cards and other clubs that support Bersaglieri, red and blue passione Boara . friends The inexhaustible Moreno Pescolo.

Many of the authorities present, including the Regional Sports Adviser, Cristiano Corazarimayor of Rovigo Eduardo Caveo, Sports Consultant Erica Al-Barghani, President of the Veneto Oval Commission Sandro Trevisan and Italian rugby union number one Marzio Innocenti arrived from Rome on purpose.

On the stage are also sponsors, without whom the Bersaglieri would not be able to compete at the highest levels, tangible support, and these days it is not taken for granted. The Bersaglieri’s second jersey has been introduced, for seasonal reasons it will be orange.

Patron Zampele’s goal is 1,000 season tickets, but above all modernization works at the Battaglini stadium to make it ready and welcome in the international arena, Not a dream but ready project, not just on paper. The municipality has been warned, and can not retreat (but even fir), Rugby is the driving force for the entire city.

Giorgio Acelli