Rugby Rovigo starts with the right foot

Piacenza – FemiCz Rovigo won their first Coppa Italia appearance at the Beltramiti Stadium in Piacenza by defeating Lyon 28-17. Conquer also the bonus point. A success that gives confidence to Bersaglieri, with a start that saw the hosts excel until 30 minutes into the first half, then The rossoblù (Saturday in the orange jersey) tied the score first, then put the arrow before the conclusion of the first fraction.

The Lions stayed in the match until Burren’s final goal, but Rovigo by Alessandro Lodi (Alastair Coetzee is in South Africa for family reasons and will be back in Rovigo in the next few hours) The season has begun to bring home all of the spoils. There is much work to be done, But starting to win at a stadium where last season’s historic Lyon victory had ripened, putting Rossoble in a crisis, is certainly positive.

During first appeal for new buyers Ferraro, Sicioli, Monroe, Montemore and Lindsayfrom the first minute in a great guide instead Married to Sandri (Man of the match with two attempts) E Savile Scored in the second half.

Saturday 17 September Today began a minute of silence in memory of the victims of the Marche flood, the tragedy that shook the entire country.

at 11 feet Van Rennen Rovigo leads, 0-3. At 20 Leon went up to the field. They put the rhythm and pressure into the game and find the first sign of the day Portillo. Zeridze does not hit the two pillars, 5-3. At 27 minutes the hosts are still partying; Lions opens the oval and enters Aim with VIA. Zridzi does not turn, 10-3. At 31′ Rovigo responds with Sandri is married, that after a brawl over 22 opponents, he escapes from a few interventions e From arrogance he scores his first mark with Bersaglieri, Van Renen is accurate and leads the two teams to a drawAnd the 10-10. At 39′ Bersaglieri they have the opportunity to take the lead with the foot of Van Reenen; South Africa does not make mistakes and turns, 10-13. after a minute Casado Sandri flies again into the goal, after a good performance from Rovigo in the opponent’s half, the number eight represents his second personal goal.. This time, Renin from an angle does not hit the post. Thus, the first half ends with a partial score 10 A 18.

The second break starts with Bersaglieri who at 42′ gets a kick in their favour and picks the posts, but Van Reenen isn’t accurate. At 52′ landing on five meters from rossobls to lions, However, Stavile is good at exploiting the inaccuracy of the launch, recovering the oval and going to score Rovigo’s third goal. Van Reenen misses posts, 10-23. At 56′, the hosts got an offside kick from rossoblù, Piacenza touched on five meters from Rovigo and Cocchiaro finds a hole in the defense and goes to goal. Zridzi turned this time, 17-23.

In 60′ Rovigo tries to put more points off the field, but Montemore’s foot is not accurateToo many points on the foot in the street during the match. Three minutes from the end Critical Bonus Target With Boren. From the field Lertora does not score transformation, 17-28.

“It was important for us to start with a coach who wins the comments Alessandro Lodi Especially in a field like this, which isn’t always easy. We knew that after we played so little in pre-season there would be a lot of things to improve on the pitch, especially at the start of the game where there was a lack of confidence. As we progress with the season, we will find more consistency across the board. However, we are satisfied with winning this reward.”

In the same group of Rovigo, Valorugi Emilia beat away 14-24, over Fiam Oro. Vidana will arrive in Battaglini on Saturday 24 September for the second round of the Coppa Italia.

Piacenza, Walter Beltramiti Stadium – September 17, 2022 at 4.00 pm

Italian Cup first day

Setav Rugby Leon – Femi – CZ Rovigo 17-28 (10-18)

Scorers: pt 11′ cp Van Reenen (0-3), 20′ m Portillo (5-3), 28′ m Via A. (10-3), 32′ m Casado Sandri tr Van Reenen (10-10), 39′ cp Van Reenen (10-13), 40′ m Casado Sandri (10-18) st 53′ m Stavile (10-23), 58′ m Cocchiaro tr Zaridze (17-23), 37′ m Borin (17) ) -28)

Setav Rugby Lions: Bevy. Buondonno A. (11′ Cuminetti), Paz, Conti (39′ Via G), Bruno (CAP); Zaridze, Via A (54′ Cuoghi); Portillo (47′ Moretto), Petillo (69′ Cissè), Bance; Salveti, Lekic; Salerno (70′ Morosi), Cochiaro (61′ Borghi), Acosta (64′ Cavaro)

Annex Orlandi

Femi CZ Rovigo: Burin. Sarto (25′ Montemauri), Lertora, Diederich, Bacchetti; Van Renen (75′ Uncini), Vicentin (64′ Chillon); Casado Sandri, Lubian, Staffel; Steolo (70′ Lindsay), Ferro (Cap) (51′ Munro); Swanepoel (51′ Ciccioli), Cadorini (51′ Ferraro), Quaglio (64′ Lugato)

Annex praise

Arp. Clara Monarini (Parma)

AA1 Franco Rosella (Rome), AA2 Andrea Micheni (Tiramo)

Fourth official: Cristian Covati (Piacenza)

Players: Zridzi 1/3 (Setav Rugby Lions), Van Rjenn 3/6 (Femi CZ Rovigo),

Montemauri 0/1 (Femi-CZ Rovigo), Lertora 0/1 (Femi-CZ Rovigo)

Notes: Sunny day, the ground is in perfect condition, observe a minute’s silence for

Flood victims in the Marche

Points earned in standings: Setav Rugby Lyon 0; Femi-CZ Rugby Rovigo 1969 5

Player of the match: Lautaro Casado Sandri (Femi CZ Rovigo)

Here is the full program for the first day:

Saturday 17th September at 4pm

Transfecta Rugby Calvisano – Mogliano Veneto Rugby 40-6 (5-0) – Group 1

Setav Rugby Lyon – Femi – CZ Rovigo 17-28 (0-5) – Group 2

Fiam Oro Rugby – Football Rugby Emilia 14-24 (0-4) – Group 2

Sunday 18th September, 4pm

Colorno vs KOZ Torino (Group A)

Rest Petrarca Rugby (Group 1) and Rugby Viadana 1970 (Group 2)

The best of the group reach the Italian Cup Final (scheduled for 8 April 2023 at a neutral stadium). One-way races are held.