Rugby Transfecta, the Italian Cup arrives to test the legs

The first official appearance of the season today for Calvisano: Transvecta’s opponent (4pm in San Michele) is Mogliano, for the first Coppa Italia match (and currently only for the Gillonieri): With two groups of five, Guidi and De Carli formation, next week, it was time to rest on the spot. Top10 will start on Saturday 1st October (Calvisano Valorby). The Coppa Italia will be discussed again in early February for Transvecta. Moment. Therefore, today, for the Gelonero club, it is still a consecutive match in all respects, the first after the friendly match that Petrarca won last September 2. “For us, this will be an important verification of how the innovations we have introduced at the start of the season – says Guidi – are metabolized. Mogliano is an experienced team, a strong conquest forward, a good test given the first championship ».

Mogliano, in fact, having conquered Redemption on the pitch in May, has just returned from a summer full of various twists and turns and had to wait until mid-June to be sure of his ability to score in the tournament. there So the promotion campaign has definitely started lagging behind their opponents. Players of quality and experience have left and some interesting young players have arrived, but the facility is still slender without the passes that Costanzo’s team have had in the past (not always by the way) coexisting with Treviso. Curious to see Argentinian Santiago Mare No. 10 and Tonga Fino Center in action. Semenzato and Dal Zilio have yellow and black pasts.

a job

Calvisano has been working hard in recent weeks. Guidi and De Carli are trying to put more power into the team’s game, as last season tended a bit to focus on their mistakes rather than attacking their opponents with rhythm. Tonga Wendt, Otto by name and position, has not yet arrived in Italy, but today six newcomers will be the owners: Schiavon, Siciliani and Sassi in the front line, with Massari, Waganipao and Contino in the offensive line. The latter replaces Van Zyl, injured, in the role of the extremist. Interesting experience given the Argentine’s speed and good footplay that has been shown in training in recent weeks. On the bench is another new signing, Boshti, and Cheb Butori. Gullo Palazzani, with over forty caps, is the new captain. initiative.

With the approach of the official matches, the company in recent days began to New season tickets campaign: 100 euros for the whole season, 70 reduced fees (under 25 and over 65), small season tickets for three and five matches (to be chosen freely during the season), respectively from 30 and 50 euros. The club knows that it is possible to subscribe to the subscription at the headquarters at San Michele 110 avenue in Calvisano and that for more information you can call the office phone number 030968012. Training. Thus the “Fifteen” of Transvecta for today’s match: Contino; Regonaschi, Waqanibau, Massari, Bronzini; Hugo, Balazani; Vunisa, Bernasconi, Grenon, Ortis, Van Vuren, Sassi, Ceciliani, Schiavon on the bench: Marinello, Brugnara, D’Amico, Boschetti, Maurizi, Botturi, Consoli, Vaccari.