Sambenedettese-Cynthialbalonga 0-2, bitter home appearance with Rossoble

note: San Benedetto del Tronto, sunny, 26 ° C Field in not ideal conditions, Samb in a white suit with red and blue inserts, Guests in blue clothes. 2,200 spectators present.

angles: 3-2

ammonites: Forgione (c), Bianchino (x), Velez Rabacal (s), De Angelis (midfield)


Signs: Spardella (C, 25’pt), Sivilla (C, 27’st)


Sampenedetes: Berti, Conson, Zavaginini, Cardella, Bianchino, Cinellato, Emily, Velez, Angioli, Fiscardi, Proya.

Available: Corsi, Moratti, Migliorini, Lucarini, Mouth von Diegg, Maras, Umel, Scarponi, Tassi. Coach: Santi Alphonse

Senthial Palunga: Villardi, Spardella, Petit, Fontana, Bono, De Angelis, Ferre-Marini, Forgione, Sciculi, Borelli, Merimic.

Available: Santelli, Redondi, Ferrante, Fiorini, Delavecchia, Giacobbi, Del Canuto, Caun, Sevilla. Coach: Stefano Maesta


first half

1, kick-off, the match begins.

5′ Punishment of Samb from a good location: Proia restarts infrequently. Cardilla shooting, at the parapet.

7′ Sambenedettese still ahead, action stopped by Conson handball.

8′ A great entry for Chinellato, Emily found it hacked.

11′ corner kick for Samb, first match.

12′ chart on Samb’s unsuccessful corner kick, the Lazio goalkeeper goes out and makes the ball his own.

A 13′ corner kick for Lazio players, Forgione, was found free in the area but did not materialize.

19′ Cynthialbalonga tries to maneuver but Samb is solid and doesn’t leave much room.

25 CYNTHIALBALONGA OBJECTIVES: Punishing the host formation, Borelli cuts from thirty meters and leads Spardella 0-1.

28 Borelli is still the guest in attack.

30′ Yellow card to Forgoni, Samp penalty from about 25 metres.

31′ Cardilla kicked poorly, ball high over the bar.

33′ Fantastic Dribbling by Emily who missed the opening attack on the trocar.

35′ Samb pushes for equality, but it’s still a bit imprecise in its maneuverability.

37′ Lazio who appeared again in attack but Sicelli makes a mistake in attack against Fiscardi.

38 bad foul by Bianchino, a yellow card for defender Rosobli.

39′ Punishment for the proper trocar for the guests, Borelli’s kicks and Lazio players almost doubled: it’s Forgione again with a header that makes Samp’s defense tremble.

41′ A tactical foul by Velez, the midfielder also warned.

42′ Cardilla tunnels dragging Samp forward, the ball to Proya who anticipates the Lazio defender and falls to the ground. For the referee everything is regular, goal kick.

44 cross from Fiscardi, Cardilla turns his head but the shot is weak and ends up in Velardi’s arms.

45′ is allotted 1 minute of recovery in the first part of the game.

45 + 1′ teams in the locker room, first half ends 0-1. Feature signed by Spardella.

the other half

1, kick start, Samb starts the game.

3′ Samp wins the flag. Proia to win.

4 ′ Target canceled in SAMP: On the developments of the corner kick. Zaffagnini was a hacker.

5′ Cynthialbalonga in attack, very dangerous header by Viri Marini’s cross from Forgione. high above the bar.

6′ prepares to enter the field with number 18 Enrico Mouth von Dieji.

7′ re Lazio, good closing of Rossoblo’s defence.

9′ Mauthe finally entered Bianchino’s place.

10 corner of Samp.

11′ Chaos in the area due to corner developments, and no Rusblo player can find the shot.

12′ Cinellato’s header from the edge of the area does not create problems for long-range defender Velardi.

13′ Samb starts again with Proia, who is stopped by De Angelis who has been warned.

14′ outside of Angioli and Velez, Alphonse Maras and Tassi line up.

15′ Samp penalty from the right with Proya on the ball. The playmaker’s shot is weak.

19′ good offensive action rossobl, the ball ends high over the bar.

21′ Samb tries to press left by Emili, but the 10 is stopped.

23′ Svirgolata defender Lazio Fontana who gives a chance to draw with Mouth after the Cinellato Bank. The Italian-Belgian does not worry Velardi.

24′ Santi Alfonsi inserts Migliorini in place of Zavagnini.

26′ change of guests, former Ferry Marini exits to make way for No. 20 Sevilla.

27′ double from Cynthia Balonga. Goalkeeper Berti slips, and enters Sevilla’s new goal that snatches the ball and finishes easily on the net.

28′ Emily tries to lift Samp with a right turn that ends high and wide.

30 Conson remains on the ground after the game clash. Change in sight to the center of the rossobl.

32′ Conson was rescued by medical staff and forced off on a stretcher. in its humble place.

33 In the ranks of Cynthialbalonga, Forgone exits and Jacob enters.

34 Corner for Samp. The ball crosses the area, but Samp does not find a shot on goal.

38′ Guests replace Borelli for Redondi and Secli for Caon.

41′ sterile acquisition of Samb who fails to propel himself forward.

43 ′ each samp in the opposite half of the field: Bruya extends to Emily who pulls his chest on the left and points to the opposite post: bad kicks.

45 healing begins, 5 minutes to be determined by the referee.

45 + 1′ Emily’s kick from outside is blocked by Lazio defence.

45 + 2′ foul was committed against Caon, Lazio players free kick in the midfield.

45 + 3′ Samp’s Punishment, Cinellato is an offside.

45+4′ Samp was still crushed by Cynthiabalonga despite the score. Throw-in offensive for Lazio players.

45 + 5′ shot on goal from Kawn, Bertie sure at the post.

45 + 6′ ends here, and Samp was defeated 0-2 by Cynthia Balalonga between the whistles of the Riviera.

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