Sampdoria – AC Milan 1-2: Giroud decides a penalty, Liao Red

Rossoneri at ten in the entire second half: Leao sent off. Duricic responds to Messias’ goal, the final goal 2-1 scored by the French striker from a penalty kick (Verre’s hand)

Once again in the lead, with Napoli. With his heart and personality, Milan moved to Genoa, playing in the second half ten times (red to Leao). The match ends with a score of 2-1 against a strong-willed Sampdoria, as it always happens against the top players in this tournament, despite the uncomfortable seat in the relegation zone. Pending Atalanta who can return to the top on their own tomorrow, the Rossoneri rise to 14 points and Spalletti share the lead in the standings, with the head-to-head meeting at San Siro scheduled for Sunday, September 18.

Two goals, actually one goal

Compared to Inter and Napoli, in the early part of the match, Milan seem to be paying less for Champions League efforts, in terms of brilliance. And that’s despite Origi’s absence due to muscle fatigue, which forces Jiro to extra time as a central attacker. If the Frenchman isn’t in an offside position on De Ketelaere’s goal (bad output by Audero pardoned by Var), or if the two chances he got in the area at the end of the first half turn into goals, the Rossoneri will likely shut down the conversation. Already in the first half. Alternatively, Giampaolo can hope for the previous stumble for a long time, as the Devil returns to the field before only one goal, the one that Messias scored in 6′. The combination that leads the Brazilian to the winning crossbar is great: Leao penetrates on the left, the ball in the area is served first by Giroud and then de Kitilari, again Leao who receives Messias and shoots 1-0. Equally beautiful, Djuricic’s right-footed shot a little later: a full cross, Sampdoria’s best chance in the first 45 minutes.

Liao shock

Recovery begins and the game changes in the most unpredictable way. Liao, who has already warned, is looking for a fly over his head and involuntarily hitting the face of Ferrari with his foot: the second is yellow and Milan in ten. A shock to the Rossoneri, injecting more confidence to Sampdoria, who reaped the benefits in the 57th minute. It was Duricic who blew up the Ferraris, perfectly finding the time of the deadly lift on Augello’s cross and hitting Minyan.

Jerrod takes care of him

The advantage of Milan is that they do not lose their heads. The Rossoneri re-positioned themselves with 3-4-1-1 which does not affect their chances of reversing the movement and attacking quickly, despite their numerical inferiority. And in these situations, Theo’s tears thicken. However, we need a ring that changes the match deadlock again, arrives on schedule with a gift from Sampdoria: Villar’s hands on Giroud’s header, check another Var and go to location. Player No. 9 of the Rossoneri takes charge of serving: 2-1 in the 67th minute.


Since then the fight has become sporty, violent, and exciting. Sampdoria on the attack, Milan to defend themselves with their teeth. Even with Vranckx, who debuted in an eventful situation. Sampdoria tries hard and almost manages to equalize again: Mainan says no twice to Gabbiadini in the same procedure, and in the middle there is the post that Ferry shot. It’s the last real excitement of the match: Milan celebrate and celebrate Pioli. Giampaolo lost his head just before the final whistle: reaction against referee Fabri, red cards fall.