Sari crying and arrogant Max

The man of the week has been called Andrea Sutilfor the historical poker he shrunk Udinese In the Roma in Mourinho. And tonight there can only be one man (better, one team) at the helm: Atalanta Gasperini Which, by defeating Monza, will separate all at the top of the ranking. The fifth day he gave him The most beautiful Milan derby in recent years This has led to the (bad) light of two coaches of name and prestige: Sarri and Allegri.

Maurizio Sarri He is a soccer teacher. Usually his teams fill the eyes and win every now and then. It happened to Juventus (Scudetto 2020, where the football character has not really been seen), it happened Chelsea (European League 2019), it didn’t happen Naples (Not even a cup but lost half the championship in the hotel by looking at Juventus on TV l’Inter a San Siro with help Orsato Half in Florence under the blows of Ciletto Simeone). Often times though Controversial Sarri after the match (and also during…) by linking to Real or assumed refereeing errors. Saturday night Lazio She was outdone by her ex-husband Naples Make up for a deserved defeat despite the goal by Zani After only 4 minutes put the match on a slope. Sarri’s analysis after the match was fully or almost completely focused On arbitration in Susa. Especially for a penalty kick (contact Mario Roy vs Lazzari) Which falls within the scope of the question: Fifty, one can give on the basis that he does not give. Contrary to what, only a few days ago, he ruled Sampdoria – Lazio (Aureliano) He was sensationally denied Sampdoria after the obvious (and foul) contact between Marusic and Quagliarella. But in the interviews with Marassi, the Lazio coach was careful not to judge the work of the arbitration …

Massimiliano Allegri Here’s what a great manager says: his teams rarely play well but often win (better, they win…). Net tricolor trophies and super cups, with Juventus in his first life with Juventus 5 consecutive league titles and a Champions Final (In 2015 he lost to Barcelona Messi and Neymar after Cristiano Ronaldo and Real Galactic Benzema were eliminated, and he lost in 2017 to Cristiano Ronaldo and Real Galactic Benzema after Messi and Neymar were eliminated by Barcelona). To say the least about Allegri-2 is disappointing. In the game and in the results (last year I miss the cup rag…). This year, the club has finally done well in the market by shedding heavyweight and making Allegri available to two world-class midfielders such as Pogba (recovering from injury) e Paredesbest defender last seasonBremer) and best B (I got), the best winger in the German League (costic), a hero, albeit an experienced one Maria And a backup striker like owned by Aim to make a reserve VlahovicIt was purchased in January with a weight of gold. Here, with such a technical staff, the coach of such a team could not be afraid of the Marassi away game due to “environmental” problems in his statements on the eve of the match, or be satisfied with this position … for not receiving any goal. Because no Juventus fan could be reasonably excited about this unbeaten Juve.