Sari’s shocking accusation, Lotito denounces infidels, curse on ADL and artistic carnage by a knockout

Napoli Asphalt Lazio: Kim and Kvaratskhelia are still scoring. Well Politano, confirmation for Zelensky and Lubotka. Lozano injury.

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Zero amnesiac Sarri, who wanders the Olympic press room in Jason Bourne style in search of his own identity. But wasn’t he the one who imposed sanctions only on those who wore striped shirts? right Now Prefer Naplesindicates the dark forces that Lazio will have on the “balls” and wish to destroy. Now Maurizio wants to make counter defeat to the Palazzo? Having denied all of his past, he is ready for the new move: tears and despair. Even worse in accusation a Lawrence That he would have presented Ancelotti without notifying him, when he had already made an agreement with Chelsea as a fever. Welcome …

The first is the post struck by infidels that deserves a separate account. Pure apparition, epiphany in the literal sense of the word. Rotate the whole room, while infidels dance on that balloon that seems to see Rolita Zidane. Tenderness and lightning in the blink of an eye. The enchanting fusion of opposites uniting and transforming into instant eternity risks jeopardizing the stability of Provedel’s door. Lotito is ready to sue for damage to the chassis.

Two copies of Anguissa. It starts poorly, loses some references, then turns into Godzilla who takes over every sector of the field. That when you think the ball isn’t his, it eventually becomes his. Whoever reads the development of the event a second in advance, as in the clear reading in the help of the network that eliminates Lazio. It would also be possible that “The essence of all love is uncertainty.”but having Anguissa right there in the middle is sure to keep the heart at peace. The importance of being Frank.

Three points are worth more than three points. Because Lazio crushed Inter, because Lecce left a bad taste in his mouth, because it was necessary to impose himself on the court of a great player to get more conviction. Many lose the game: “Were we stronger last year or last year?” without understanding the real distinction. The future of a team has more room for improvement than a piece of marble before it passes into the hands of Michelangelo. Curiosity is already the future.

Four minutes, Zakani scores with a general error. This looks like the beginning of the end, but it’s the end of the beginning because in reality Lazio will do nothing else. It’s time to reorganize thoughts and then the dazzling Naples invades the Olympico as if the Nile floods, leaving the limousines on the ground making them lush. In the first 15 minutes of the second half, Napoli managed to score 4 goals comfortably, attacking the door of Provedel even if it was a wedding buffet. Orda affamata in Stile Walking Dead.

Five incomplete passes of 79 tested with 94% accuracy. He does not run, but jumps with the ball, breaking Saryan’s principles of high recovery. Lobotka is the Arch of Neapolitan in Spalletti, The origin of everything, the source from which all thought flows. In the gray matter of football, concepts of the game evolve for a group that seems unable to do without Stan. The era of the white pig that slips between opponents two meters forward and after that you don’t recover it began for a while.

Six and a half in Osimhen, who starts in the first half pressing like a cursed and unleashes the desire to revolutionize the heads of his teammates. And when the moment of revolution comes, people realize it. Needless to say, we are all heading in the same direction. Victor puts the initial idea into it, by pure chance that he does not spoil his brilliant intuition even with a goal (which he would have deserved for the crazy work he did). Those critical of the performance put cheese on spaghetti with clams.

Seven for Politano who disturbs the balance of the match. Lazio’s defensive balance is undermined by the entry of Matteo, who is unexpectedly shattered at a party to which he was not initially invited. He puts himself on console and picks the right music, finding the right times to squeeze like crazy light in space. “Rock won’t eliminate your problems. But it will allow you to dance to them.” crazy effect.

Eight to 190 cm from Kim Min-jae. For there is no part of the body that this man would not sacrifice for this purpose, with bodily abundance contagious even for those sitting on a sofa watching the game. Born ready, like a soldier who already has knowledge in his head and just needs to pull back. He made the yin and yang of the footballer: the shadow for the opponents, the sun for his teammates. He touched 118 balls with the character of someone who seems to have played for years at this Napoli and also scored goals. Second. Ah, it must have some flaws, but we’re still looking for it. monster.

Nine to react after the initial hit. Drafts After Lecce crawled to the head, Zakani guesses the angle and here everything becomes more complicated. Rather than back down, Napoli puffs his chest. He brings out his attributes and begins to lead the field of the team that he loves to lead. He slaps Lazio, saying that if Sarri has a minimum intellectual honesty, he should Throw the towel in the middle of the field stop the massacre. KO technique.

Ten to invade Kvarik. He seems to see Attila, the scourge of God, who with the arrogance of someone he knows has boundless power challenges the power of Rome. Neither the shaft, nor the stone that poses a serious safety hazard to Provedel, is another frame that should make Napoli fans happy. Kim just scored 1-1 and while the others are celebrating, there’s a kid who’s already looking further afield. He went to get the ball because he was hungry. Because he was still thinking about that sexy pole he had hit before. And he wanted to go and win it. and won it. With great resolve. Intended for those who only register with Monza and Verona. “As awful, double as earthquake and tragedy, I as God of God, and as a lake of blood, and ‘Aa’ now I come and break your horns!”. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…