Serie A: More than €213 million from shirt sponsors, it’s a record. Juventus on the roof of Italy and Milan from the podium | league

The Serie A shirt sponsorship market is experiencing strong growthdespite the Covid-19 emergency the teams have been through in the past two years.
Also this year sponsors interested in the Italian Football Serie A They set records. The €200 million investment cap, which was unthinkable until a few years ago, has been clearly exceeded (specifically 213 million), with an average “jersey value per club” of 10.65 million.without considering the presence of 62 brands appearing on the uniform (compared to 45 at the start of the 2021/22 season).

Despite the crisis (post-Covid) and signs of a future energy crisis, which threatens to seriously harm families and businesses (with inevitable repercussions for the country’s global economy), the sponsors of the first flight, compared to the previous season, increased their advertising investments. Compared to the last two years (2020/22) for example, Shirt sponsorship increased by more than 40 million euros (in 2020/21 it did not exceed 169.7 million). Football is, for many consumer goods companies, a counter-cyclical investment, which is strategic in times of market crisis (on a par with commercials).

Once again the Bianconeri sits on the roof of Italy.
The Juventus Confirmed as the leading brand in this particular ranking, thanks 58.5 million euros spent by sponsors (45 million only come from main sponsor Jeep). If we also look at 51 million euros for the technical partner (Adidas) The total value of the jersey exceeded 109.5 million euros. By far the richest shirt in the Italian league.

Still on the podium, but far from the Bianconeri’s budget, theInter (28.5 million this season) and Fiorentina (25 million). Beyond that Milan (21.5 million) and Sassuolo (18 million). Only 7 out of 20 clubs (Juventus, Inter, Fiorentina, Milan, Sassuolo, Roma and Napoli) exceed the average sponsorship investment in terms of budget quality (per club) equals 10.65 million euros. In addition, the 4 largest companies in this special rating collect 132 million euros (more than 60% of the total “cake”).

In general, this year, No Serie A club has started without the main shirt sponsor (only a year ago there were 5: Lazio, Salernitana, Genoa, Venice, Spezia) and their investment all exceeded at least 1 million euros. (As in the case of the newly promoted Lecce, which reached this milestone with the support of 4 brands: Links, BetItalyPay, Deghi and BPP). In the vast majority, A-teams have at least 3 scores on the uniform (Cremones and Empoli also 5 each.) Only Sassuolo (Mapei), Fiorentina (Mediacom), Rome (DigitalBits), Lazio (Binance), and Inter (Digitalbits + Lenovo) have made different trading choices at the moment.

In the analysis of product sectors, the field of digital / financial technology companies dominates, with 11 brands compared to 6 in the food sector, which has always been a historical sector for investments (finally the automotive sector with 5 different brands).
In all, more than 20 different sub-funds have chosen to invest in the “Serie A” product, which is gaining increasing interest from the consumer market (national and international).