Spalletti bought shares to save La Spezia: a gesture of love for Lucio, president of the Ultras

Spalletti bought shares to save Spezia from bankruptcy.. The link between the city of La Spezia, the Minor Spezia Calcio and Luciano Spalletti It’s something more than just playing football. For the current coach of Napoli, this shirt is of particular value. That land gave him so much from a family point of view as well as from a human point of view. It’s a bit like a Spallettian fief par excellence if we’re to be honest. Following the redemption in the Second Division of the 2006-07 season, Giuseppe Ruggeri, then president of the Eagles, indicated that he no longer had the money to run Spezia Calcio. The abyss also seemed one step away as the debt was approaching €5m, but it was necessary at least to ensure players were paid to continue, albeit temporarily, pending the verification of a new buyer. So La Spezia fans decided to enter the field by establishing “We Lo Spezia” To collect financial resources to keep the club going. Among the main preachers there were Alberto Bandolo who also served as chief guardian of that Spezia.

After some time, many still remember the gesture of love shown by La Spezia fans

“It was a real mobilization. It must be said that I still have professional relationships with Spezia, as well as current ones. We put up shares for sale for fans to buy in order to allow the survival, albeit temporary, company to wait for someone to take over everything. We managed to raise nearly 1.5 million euros Unbelievable sum if compared to time However, Destiny wanted the team to weaken because in the meantime Ruggeri sold the best pieces to mitigate losses aside, relegated to the Third Division As can easily be guessed, the value of the sports title also changes according to the category This landing marked the end of Spezia but no one will ever undo the act of love.”

Among those who bought the shares was Luciano Spalletti

“I called him personally. I told him: ‘Luciano must be saved at all costs.’ We do this kind of fundraising by selling stocks: Would you like to join us? “I must say that on the other side I immediately found immediate availability. He did not hold back. I took care of the matter with his lawyer. He bought a couple of shares and contributed to the survival of this club. I have a historical relationship with Luciano. We met last year, to mark the mourning of a mutual friend Us from Portovenere. He was backing up with Napoli and got his car from the De Laurentiis driver.”

What does Spezia mean to Luciano

“Mainly his life. He is Tuscan by birth, but he is from a La Spezia adopted family. His wife is from Portovenere, he comes here to Lerici on vacation and one of his sons is born here. To make you understand what La Spezia Luciano stands for I want to tell you this strange tale…”


“When we had the centenary party, while he was coaching Roma, he moved the team training so he wouldn’t miss the presentation. He got in the car, took 5-6 hours and came right back after the party. I think that gesture is just right. More than anything. Spalletti for us from La Spezia would be just anything”

Why did you call him “Lucio President of the Ultras” as a footballer?

“But physically, have you seen him? When he was playing here, he had thick hair, very long lifts on the court and incredible physical prowess. It would have earned him that kind of title if we wanted even though we had always appreciated him for his generosity on and off the field”