Spalletti Spaccatutto, The Accused Voice, 35 Million Dropped and The Bomb at ADL

Napoli won with Raspadori over Spezia until the last breath. Spalletti angry at the conference sends some messages to De Laurentiis

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Zero for the stupid crusades, which already started after half a time with Lecce. There is someone in Naples who focuses on this story that Raspadori got in a lot of money, and that Napoli threw in 35 million. They are the same, consider who in the days of negotiations with Sassuolo and after the inclusion of Juve yelled: “Now we will steal for millions!”. stay away. It is also contagious.

One goal to finally win over Spezia. The shaman’s curse has been lifted, as the Ligurians have won their last two Serie A games against Maradona despite being hit with 25 shots and 27 shots, and they won last year without a shot on goal. Until next time, throw salt like Kana with Chrisantme at the entrance to the field: “Nothing, it’s raining.” The previous reference.

Two tunnels dug in the same procedure by the engineer Kvaratskhelia. The Georgian sees the wilderness where others see closed doors, and imagines playing as a visionary for football. Things will be proposed as the Minister of Infrastructure, if he is a candidate in the upcoming elections, he will also build the bridge over the strait. A bat sound, a bat sound, a bat sound!

Three minutes of beating and fiery pulse. In the press room, Spalletti criticizes the release Ralph breaks everything Against the face of Mediaset Rafael Orima: “I quarrelled with the team said” Attack, the response does not wait: “Send me The sound “immediately appeared on social media. Judge for yourself.

Four games, 103 feet in the Italian league and an astronomical distance from the best condition. Ndombele, placed right there in the middle, convinces little and even less when you see Professor Lobotka rise to the chair at the age of 45. It’s like going from Arisa who today looks like a Pin-Up to the one who sang “Sincerity…and made love and made it back.. .for hours, for hours, for hours.” sincerity? I can’t stand the courage.

Five changes compared to Liverpool and the subject of a turnover has become almost a taboo for Spalletti. An overzealous conference technologist deters: “You just love this game of exchange. De Laurentiis loves it too, but everyone has to play here.” Bruce Willis in Die Hard was a harmless man by comparison. Luciano with his grenades.

Six games in A plus a fantastic debut in the Champions League: he Napoli knows how to win in many ways. It seems trivial, but it is not at all. Because if you get in the way of Liverpool and then beat Spezia at the end of the procedure, you learn the greatest lesson in football: there is no match like its predecessors. The distinguishing factor is how much you believe in it until the final triple whistle: “If you can wait and don’t get tired of waiting” is the key to everything.

Seven days to look at yourself in the mirror, with the renewed look of Cage-Travolta’s Physique in Face Off. There is Milan, the test in which Napoli failed last year against Maradona directly. The team with the scudetto on their chest that would have been elsewhere, probably in blue. This is a new Naples, with new technical leaders, with the renewed enthusiasm of those who eat bread and enthusiasm for lunch and dinner: it will be an entrance test to the Scudetto University.

Eight on my face Jack, who looks like Nicholson as the Joker. a lot of error raspaduri, maybe just about everything, but these mistakes give more value to the 88th minute clutch. Falling is not a mistake, the real mistake is not getting up. Giacomo managed to do everything as if it would never end, and finish everything as if it was about to start over. There is nothing more shocking than finding yourself running towards the same finish line – the last kilometer of a marathon is always the prettiest. Good coolant.

Nine without is like rowing at San Siro: Without Osimhen, Naples, without Liao Milan. Who will suffer more? Between the Champions League and the chess match between Spalletti and Pioli, which will last a week. They are two teams that focus on new concepts, on the freshness of a young man who knows how to be overwhelming. Naples and Milan are very similar. They are paired at the top of the table. It will be starry night in San Siro. Even without two phenomena.

Ten weeks from God. Lazio, Liverpool and Spezia is a web that Naples weaves without retreat, the magic word for “continuity” that explodes in the brain. It doesn’t always matter how, it often matters. Fooled or muddy hands, breathless or leaving the world hanging: a thousand ways to make love. He is a polygamous Napoli, who, unlike his coach, seems to live according to the great Lorenzo’s teaching: there is no certainty about tomorrow. The power of now is to follow the rule: “Wherever you are, live fully in the here and now.”

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