Spalletti: “With Liverpool you need a heart and lungs. Osimhen can play”

The Azzurri coach did not conduct training this morning due to a local injury

The news is an injury, but it’s Luciano Spalletti’s injury more than the players’ injury. The coach is optimistic about his players: “Lozano is fine. Osimhen will train tomorrow morning with the group and if the clip is positive like today’s test, he will be able to play.”


Spalletti skates on the wave of environmental enthusiasm: “On Wednesday evening you will hear Maradona’s cry of ‘champions’ also from the wonderful Anfield. This is the prize in our great tournament last year. In the Champions League A the dead ball comes back to life and decides the match. When it seems you have done everything Something to the fullest, maybe one of these champions pulls something out of the hat. Show the reaction after the empty half pass with Lecce. This team will make Maradona fall in love again. Enthusiasm must overcome the feelings and tensions that the opponent gives you. To overcome inexperience ” . Performance is important but so is the result. In the way of growth, we must play a good game. Play fast and well when we get the chance, we don’t go collect compliments but to be up to the situation neither one nor the other.

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There are also questions from Georgia about the new idol Maradona. Spalletti explains: “A substitution can happen for one infidel, as it is for the others. It works to keep quality players. It seems to me in perfect condition. We are happy with the man, not only with the player.”

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As for the opponent: “Liverpool plays full football and plays constantly with these game changes. In our game 30 throws in, two in the Liverpool derby. That means they experience a more wider kick. With this ventilation that never lets you breathe. They have a great team attitude. We’ll need the heart and lungs (when they’re trying to keep you underwater in case of apnea) and then articulate what choices to make.” Then the memory of his players: “Alison will be the heart of the goalkeeper’s attacker. Salah is the one who puts the turbo and passes in front of you. They were my players, I will hug them very warmly. Their jerseys cannot be missing from my collection.”

Captain’s word

Captain Giovanni Di Lorenzo adds: “After two years of absence, it is important that the whole environment returns to the Champions League. In front of a great team we want to play a great game for our fans that fills Maradona. We can do that, like we did at Anfield three years ago. In the end we are 11 Against 11 and doing our best. I’ll tell my buddies about this. You need balance and intense focus too. Kvaratskhelia? Now it’s there for everyone to see because it started so well. We hope it continues like this.”