Sporting defeats Tottenham Hotspur in the final

The Germans beat the Blaugrana 2-0 in the Inter group, and the Dutch Reds extended in the 89th minute with Matip and reached Napoli.

On the second day of the Champions League, Bayern Munich rules Barcelona 2-0 with Hernandez (50) and Sani (54) and tops the Inter group with 6 points.. Suffers Liverpool (Naples group) that spansAjax Only 2-1 in the 89th minute thanks to a header by Matip. The fall of Conte and Simeone: Tottenham and Atletico lost 2-0 against Sporting and Bayer Leverkusen. Super Brugge beats Porto 4-0, while Eintracht passes 1-0 to Marseille.

Group A
In the first group, the Napoli group, the balance returns thanks to Liverpool 2-1 at Ajax: the result that matures in the final, in full Reds style. At Anfield, the first two goals arrived in the first half: Klopp’s team took the lead in the 17th minute thanks to Salah, who receives Jota from Diogo and beats Pasfer with the left. It seemed to be an easy game start for the English, but after ten minutes Kudos turned around to find the columns cross with his left, beating Alisson also with the help of the crossbar and signing the equalizer. In the second half, the Reds attacked the javelin’s door without breaching it initially, also because Psphere blocked Alexander-Arnold, Salah and Luis Diaz several times. Halfway through the second half, Klopp plays Firmino and Nunez cards, but the decision was made in the 89th minute by Matip, who nodded his head in the corner kick developments. The Dutch defense refuses, but the ball crosses the goal line and the goal line technology testifies to Liverpool 2-1. Now, the Reds are in third with Ajax and Napoli, who will have a great chance against Rangers to top the group.

group b
A surprise in the second group: Bayer Leverkusen beat Atletico Madrid 2-0 and prevented Simeone’s team from escaping from the standings. The match, after several occasions, kicks off in the 84th minute: After a brilliant act by aspirin, Frimpong sends Andreich, whose precise oath in the area puts the ball into the low corner. Simeone’s formation flows forward, but is unbalanced and after three minutes collects the 2-0 that ends the matches: a perfect counterattack for the hosts ended left by Diaby. With this success, Bayer rises to 3, and he ties Colchoneros.

In the first place, then, is the surprise of Brugge, who beat Porto 4-0, suffocating Conceicao’s men. In the 15th minute, Jutgla scored Joao Mario’s penalty, while at the start of the second half, one stretched – two hit by Sowah (47′) and former Bologna Skov Olsen (52′) definitively on the Lusitanians: the score then becomes more Net thanks to Nusa 4-0, who signed Belgian poker in the 89th minute. Thus Porto remains without points and now everything will play in the double confrontation with Bayer Leverkusen.

group C
In the Inter group, Bayern Munich reasserted its primacy in the group thanks to the 2-0 victory over Barcelona, ​​which did not mature until the second half and after the first half in which the Blaugrana played, with the former great Robert Lewandowski in the first place, touched the advantage several times. The first to approach the Allianz Arena is Pedri, Neuer stops him, then the pole is inaccurate twice in front of the goal. After 0-0 in the first 45 minutes, he settled the challenge within four minutes: Kimmich’s corner kick and Lucas Hernandez’s header, which penalized Blaugrana’s consistent defense and Ter Stegen’s poor exit. In the 54th minute, here’s the 2-0 score that closes the games: after a superb move before, Musiala prefers the central rhythm of Sani, who then avoids the visiting goalkeeper’s exit with a very sensitive left touch. The challenge risks re-opening only with Pedri’s shot, then runs Bayern and goes up to 6 points, leaving Barcelona at 3 points. The Germans will be able to pawn the top of the group in a double confrontation with Viktoria Plzen, while the Blaugrana will do so. They will play everything in 180 minutes against Inter.

group d
If the final smiles against Marseille in Tottenham Antonio Conte, then in Lisbon the exact opposite will happen: Tottenham, 0-0 until the 89th minute, lost 2-0 to Sporting, and now first with full points in Group D. Jose Alvalade, the protagonist in the half The first is Richarlison: the winner of the match tried against the French several times, but was first blocked by Adan, then scored goals but in a clear offside position. On the other hand, the Portuguese are all at a close conclusion to Edwards in recovery, but a miracle by Lloris. The balance continued even into the second half, but in the final there is one – two that makes the hosts smile: Paulinho heads off a corner kick and signs 1-0 at 90, while three minutes later it’s Arthur Gomez, who just entered, to close games with a superb slalom on counterattack. Sporting smiles and ascends to first place alone, with 6 points, no goals conceded and +5 goal difference. In the third, Tottenham player Antonio Conte is still. In 3 points with Tottenham, there is Eintracht Frankfurt, who beat Marseille 1-0. Although Payet and Sanchez are among the owners, it is Lindstrom at the break that gives the Germans the advantage. In the second half, Kamada sees canceling the potential doubling due to offside, but the last effect of the passing streak does not lead to 1-1: Tudor remained at 0 with 0 goals and 3 conceded, while the Germans rise to 3 points and they will do so. They will all play in the double-header with England’s Conte, with a trip to Frankfurt and back to London.