Inter, with Barcelona you play it if Inzaghi … Vernazza comment

Bayern is too strong even for the Blaugrana. It is superior but within the reach of Inzaghi’s team, a few inventions suffice It’s too early to say if Inter have recovered, but the victory in the Czech Republic confirms that a recovery is underway. Winning isn’t easy at all, let alone the Champions League, and … Read more

Bayern-Barcelona 2-0: Lucas Hernandez and Sane sign, Lewandowski stumbles

A great show of strength by the Bavarian team, which despite the good performance of the Blaugrana beat its former top scorer with two goals from Lucas Hernandez and Sane. Barcelona forgive, Bayern do not forgive. And he expels the accumulated doubts in the German League through his re-candidacy for the European throne and the … Read more

Champions League, results: Ajax and Barcelona show, Atlético Madrid is amazing

The Dutch beat Rangers 4-0 and lead with Napoli in Group A. The Blaugrana started well (with a goal scored by Casey), while Tottenham won their first match against Marseille. In Madrid, it all happens, with three stoppage-time goals and Cholo’s win thanks to Griezmann’s 101st goal. Francesco Calvi-Salvatore Malfitano September 7 – Milan In … Read more