Kulusevski’s words to Allegri unleashed a storm on the web

Only it was missing, or almost appeal. Before Dejan Kulusevsky spoke badly about Juventus and his current coach, all the input was few, from De Ligt to Zacharias, passing through some excavations in Morata and Dybala. Even Ramsey complained. Now it’s the midfielder’s turn Tottenham Who tells the Gazzetta about his rebirth after the difficult … Read more

Juventus Kostik returned to Serbia

Bad at Juventus, good with the national team. Vlado Kaplic, his first coach: “If Juventus don’t go, it’s not Philip’s fault” From our correspondent Marco Guidi September 25 – Belgrade (Serbia) After all, the numbers wouldn’t be that bad. Two passes in the league, and another in the Champions League. For someone who came to … Read more

Preparing farewell with Dara Rollins?

to Special Pavel Nedved We hardly know some details, about the long wave of old videos that could have been circulating on social networks, before a crisis erupted Juventus. From her long marriage, we have learned to appreciate the discretion and sober and detached style she adopted Pavel and his wife Ivana (who chose to … Read more

Juventus crisis numbers: He scores little, doesn’t create risks, he only has Milik

Penultimate for the Bianconeri in Serie A in terms of risk. Without Pogba, Di Maria e Chiesa has difficulty in the last 35 metres Massimiliano Allegri has always emphasized that trophies are won with defences, and in fact, the 5-time Italian champions Juventus have always been the team that scored the fewest goals in Serie … Read more

Juventus returning from injuries: Locatelli, Rabiot, Alex Sandro and Szczesny

The break for the teams provides the opportunity to restore those who have been suspended. Expect Locatelli, Rabiot and Alex Sandro on the set. And for Chezney, it’s time to take back the posts Today, Juventus returns to training in Contasa, without calling 14 players in different teams, from the Italians Bonucci and Gatti to … Read more

Arthur from Juventus to Liverpool but worse and worse

The Brazilian on loan to the Reds has yet to play in the Premier League, and Klopp said he is now betting on him and says: “He can help us for a few minutes”. To convince him, the midfielder devotes himself to additional sessions, looking for the rhythm of the match with the second team. … Read more

Inzaghi and Allegri are similar crises. Barigelli Comment

Lack of results, matches and ideas: favorite matches, in a few weeks Inter and Juventus lost The two arch-rivals of Italian football have never looked like each other as they do now. Juventus and Inter are in a deep crisis in results, games and ideas. They started out as top favourites, lost within a few … Read more

Locatelli saves, Allegri’s words spark criticism

interview with Massimiliano Allegri chest Mario Sconcert on poles Corriere della Sera Makes people argue For several reasonsbut among the various points that raise some controversy, there is what was revealed by a technician Juventus be Manuel Locatelli. Locatelli, from important share to reserve The building: The European champion midfielder arrived in Turin last season … Read more

Dybala, Juventus are homesick, Inter miss him: Roma are dreaming

Goya hadn’t missed a match yet, as if her newfound serenity had also healed the physical problems. In Turin they thought they had lifted the burden, and the Nerazzurri retreated. and mo… Hanin (for Juventus). Sorry (Inter fans). And the joy of Rome: the hearts of the Giallorossi fans and Mourinho’s results are enjoying. Someone … Read more

Juventus Di Maria, agreement: Malik at Monza and then goes with Argentina

He’s not in great physical shape, but the Argentine should start at 1′ In times of need, heroes have to give that extra thing. So Angel Di Maria returned against Benfica in the Champions League from the second leg of the season due to the problem of the usual adductor muscle in the left thigh, … Read more