UEFA Europa League Midtjylland – Lazio 5-1 – Football

The setback that no one in Lazio had hoped would arrive, resoundingly, on Danish soil: On the second day of the European League, Midtjylland eliminates Biancocelesti with a better performance from all points of view. Too bad the Capitoline, who started on paper and after convincing success with Feyenoord made his debut as a candidate … Read more

Champion: Juventus – Benfica 1-2, Rangers – Napoli 0-3 – All results – football

The second day of the Champions League. Three key points for Napoli, now first alone in the group with 6 points, +3 over Liverpool and Ajax, the next rivals of the Azzurri. However, Rangers is still at 0 points, as a result of two defeats in the most number of games without scoring any goals … Read more

UEFA Europa League: Lazio – Feyenoord 4-2 – Football

Lazio beat Feyenoord 4-2 (3-0) in a match of the first round of Group F of the European League. Played at the Olympic Stadium in Rome. record Lazio debuted to the best of their ability in the European League, as Feyernoord, one of the finalists in the last conference, defended and took to the field … Read more