Milan Infirmary: Not just Minyan, from Theo and Tonali to Kier to Rebic, this is the situation

Hernandez should return with Juventus. Don’t worry Tonali and Kjaer, Ante should also be at Empoli. A few more days for Divock Marco Basuto September 24 – Milan To remain “on fire”, as Djokovic now sings, Stefano Pioli will have to outdo himself in the coming weeks. Because the barrage of trouble falling on Milanello … Read more

Milan and Leo: Family, Pioli and Ibra are essential

The Portuguese from Milan talks about himself in the “Outpump” between football, fashion and music: “Where I come from, they all seem invisible. Now I want to become the owner of the national team “ When asked which song characterizes him best, he mentioned Cabo Plaza. “Maybe the ‘young star’”. Dedicated title among other things, … Read more

Serie A, tactical analysis for Milan and Napoli 1-2

According to Stefano Pioli, who seemed visibly upset with the result at the end of the match, the reason for Milan’s defeat was the inadequacy of determination and the quality of his team inside the penalty areas. In fact, Milan hit 22 goals towards Meret’s goal, three from inside the small area and 14 from … Read more

Milan, Pioli has two problems to solve in two weeks

Well, Liao’s absence is a lot heavier, but Milan – and not just yesterday – are discovering that they are struggling in defence. And newcomers fail to prove their existence Milan’s unbeaten run on late summer evenings ended against Napoli, while Rafael Leao continues. Satan’s loss after 22 matches on the same evening that the … Read more

Milan – Napoli 1-2, goals by Politano, Giroud and Simeone

The Rossoneri raise the white flag after a series of 22 beneficial results in a row. Politano (penalty kick), Giroud and Simeone score. Satan strikes two crossed rods After Inter and Juventus, Milan fall too: on Sunday they are craving the three most numerous fans in Italy (not since the sixth day of the 2015-16 … Read more

Milan, Dest: “I can also play as an offensive winger. The Pioli match helps me”

Words at the US linebacker’s press conference: “To be loyal I must give 100%.” From our correspondent Marco Basuto September 16 – Milanello The name and surname also really tell something important. Name: Sergiño, same pronunciation and only an “h” from different, in the past, nobly crossed the Rossoneri (on the other side, though). Title: … Read more

Giroud after Milan and Dinamo Zagreb: “Disappointed with the change”. But Pioli extinguishes the controversy

The Frenchman scored in 14 matches with the Rossoneri: everyone won. Pioli recalibrates the switch issue: “We talked about it and clarified it, I can’t drain it, Napoli on Sunday” One man one sentence. And with that we reached the height of fourteen and the happy pairing continued. Fourteen is the number of matches Giroud … Read more

AC Milan – Dinamo Zagreb 3-1: The Rossoneri are in first place in Group E of the Champions League

In Meazza he opens Giro with a penalty kick, and doubles the Saelemaekers. Orcic deceives the Croats, but it is the seal that put Pobiga The ones you would expect. Like Giroud, the senator who arrived in Milanello as a champion of Europe. And the ones you don’t expect. Like the Saelemaekers and Pobega, workers … Read more

AC Milan – Dinamo Zagreb and Pioli: “We will be at the top in the Champions League”

The Rossoneri coach on the eve of the Dinamo Zagreb match: “It’s not a crucial game, but it’s very important. De Kitleari? Can he play the heart of the striker?” From our correspondent Marco Basuto September 13 Milanello (Varese) There is fatigue, but there is beauty, too. To play games to score. It will happen … Read more

Milan, Rebek and Origi are also with Napoli. Ante . herniated disc

In light of Sunday night’s big game, Pioli will have to dispense with both. The Belgian striker will be taken care of by the medical staff of the national team, in agreement with the Rossoneri doctors. The Croatian needs time to fully reactivate This time, it will not be necessary to wait until the evening, … Read more