Napoli – Liverpool 4-1, Zielinski Super in the Champions

Three to zero at the end of the first half (Zelensky, Anguise and Simeone), with Osimhen penalty saved by Alisson. The second half again, Zielinski closes Diaz A magical and unforgettable evening for Maradona fans: four against one and Liverpool sent home after Napoli dropped a poker game from one that will remain in the … Read more

Spalletti: “With Liverpool you need a heart and lungs. Osimhen can play”

The Azzurri coach did not conduct training this morning due to a local injury The news is an injury, but it’s Luciano Spalletti’s injury more than the players’ injury. The coach is optimistic about his players: “Lozano is fine. Osimhen will train tomorrow morning with the group and if the clip is positive like today’s … Read more