The Champion: Liverpool, Co-Tottenham, Porto, Marseille and Atletico win

A Cameroonian goal in the final scored 2-1 over Ajax. In Lisbon, Tottenham beat Paulinho in the 90th minute and Arthur in the 93rd minute. Brugge (4-0 in Portugal), Bayer Leverkusen (2-0 in Cholo) and Eintracht (1-0 in Marseille) won Liverpool beat Ajax, and Napoli is satisfied. Conte loses in Lisbon, while Porto crumbles to … Read more

Champions League, results: Ajax and Barcelona show, Atlético Madrid is amazing

The Dutch beat Rangers 4-0 and lead with Napoli in Group A. The Blaugrana started well (with a goal scored by Casey), while Tottenham won their first match against Marseille. In Madrid, it all happens, with three stoppage-time goals and Cholo’s win thanks to Griezmann’s 101st goal. Francesco Calvi-Salvatore Malfitano September 7 – Milan In … Read more