Women’s soccer, 15 against Spain coach – soccer

A complete rebellion, a rebellion of 15 players from the Spanish national team who announced that they will not wear the “Roga” shirt anymore as long as current coach Jorge Vilda will sit on the bench, as the Iberian Football Federation has renewed its confidence. Each wrote to the Spanish Football Federation insisting that the … Read more

Milan and Leo: Family, Pioli and Ibra are essential

The Portuguese from Milan talks about himself in the “Outpump” between football, fashion and music: “Where I come from, they all seem invisible. Now I want to become the owner of the national team “ When asked which song characterizes him best, he mentioned Cabo Plaza. “Maybe the ‘young star’”. Dedicated title among other things, … Read more

UEFA Europa League Midtjylland – Lazio 5-1 – Football

The setback that no one in Lazio had hoped would arrive, resoundingly, on Danish soil: On the second day of the European League, Midtjylland eliminates Biancocelesti with a better performance from all points of view. Too bad the Capitoline, who started on paper and after convincing success with Feyenoord made his debut as a candidate … Read more

Women’s soccer, Italy qualifies for the 2023 World Cup

The Bertolini girls qualify for the second time in a row (the first time in the national team’s history) thanks to the first place in the group thanks to goals from Giacinte and Poatin. “Let’s go to the World Cup,” we read on the big screens of the Paolo Matza stadium in Ferrara. Mission accomplished … Read more

rugby | Giammarioli Wooster and the economic crisis: “It is difficult, but the club will not fail”

Blue, along with ex-FIFA Benetton, are new to the British club who have to repay a debt of £6m: “Here too for the national team I needed to raise the bar” Francesco Palma August 27 – Milan Renato Giamarioli’s adventure in Worcester certainly didn’t start out in the best way. In fact, the company is … Read more