That’s why Roku can’t invest more money. Italian Revolution in Europe

Fiorentina’s return to Europe and the words of President Rocco Commisso

Enzo Boccioni

Five and a half years after the elimination ofEuropean League Tonight Fiorentina He returns to play in the European Cup. I’m expecting a flash from the usual list of anonymous names, “let’s pull a line” it could have. Seriously, there will also be a hymn of joy to play because this is a comeback, but also a reboot. If you don’t understand the meaning of what’s positive happening, what brings it up Italian In Florence, starting with the good game, what this team did and did, of course, by believing in the idea of ​​this young coach, you are probably one of those who never do well. Speaking of some one-off titles like “Let’s Enjoy” they may have been exaggerated, but at least they make sense. Tonight we shall be happy and it is no coincidence that I spoke of the Hymn of Joy. After several bitter years, three successive saves caught in the nail, which sees no turning, good restart and a different future, are part of that “half-empty glass”. his problems. For me tonight, what matters is the return of Fiorentina to the world of football conspiracy It will also be the least important of the three cups, but if you come from Italy and still have a very valid driver’s license, it means that you are among the top seven in our championship. Nothing exceptional, of course, it’s more or less where you’ll always belong Fiorentinabut getting there was not very straightforward, the competition increased (Atalanta And not only) and above all there were dark years to be forgotten. all is OK.

We’re here again, then. Petrolini will say ‘bigger and brighter than before’, I don’t hold back, I wait and anyway I think it’s positive because I trust Italian And this team that expressed its values ​​even in the difficult moments that existed and will continue to exist. I know very well that the kit is at hand Fiorentina (You need to finish first to avoid trouble and qualifying), that Riga It is a team that can be floating in Italy between B and C, but we must always be wary of the enthusiasm and racing of these teams. These games should be immediately played heavily, they should be closed and then we manage and think about them. I think the coach also said certain things in the dressing room and I expect a good performance despite the many absences and in this case the obvious change.

If the Italian really changes 11 compared to last Saturday with Juventus, he might beat the world record. we try?

Gulini in the door. ComeAnd the the fourthAnd the Ranieri e Terzic in defense. BonaventureAnd the mandrake e Zorkovsky in the midfield. iconAnd the Cabral e saponara In front of me. They are exactly eleven, but for a race conspiracy without Milinkovic e IgorAnd the Gonzalez e DuncanDeceive He lovedAnd the DuduAnd the Can e Thin Stressful, it could be there, too. However, back in Europe, this is a testament to the good work that has been done for a year and a half now, with the conviction that this is only the beginning. As I like to say often, solid foundations are laid to build a future Fiorentina. Subdued, indifferent, careless and company, they certainly have other ideas, but the facts are the facts, the frustrations, the envy and the anguish that inspire many who speak because they have their tongue in their mouth (my grandmother said) I don’t care.

Coming back to the facts, Rocco’s press conference elicited the most mixed reactions (as usual). committed. In the meantime, we must admit to the Purple Chief that he quickly understood many people, even if he knew them superficially. Those who understand little, for example, immediately catch them and we must begin to beware of them. their business. Rocco said a lot as usual. The most important thing, in my opinion, and which has not been emphasized much, is always related to the history of the infrastructures and especially the stadium. When he says “they wouldn’t let me do that,” he tells of a program and an idea Rocco had when he arrived in Florence that is sadly cut in half. Frustrated by the politics that preferred to restore franks With a very questionable and expensive operation for the city, Renzi has criticized the operation (which we’ve talked about a lot) in recent days. Those who always know everything and those who criticize regardless, should instead always start there, and think about it when they say “pry,” when they give low marks to a buying campaign or compete for certain conversions. It’s not Rocco’s fault that size Fiorentina It’s this, but for whomever it did not make it a playground for the property it was all to grow in. Fiorentina bills more or less 80 million euros and have to pay players around 62 million salaries each year. Eighteen people remained to follow the management of the company with more than a hundred employees, cash needs and a buying campaign.

Do you realize it or not?

When I hear or read ‘Where did the money go from? Vlahovic e church‘, apart from the fact that there are balance sheets, and the money that was used to make cash for the market, it’s one of the eighty million items in sales, and obviously a little bit per pay tranche given that everything is now done in several years. If they had They made Rocco invest those famous three hundred million, in a year or two, at most three, there would have been a new and beautiful stadium, and we know how the sales volume of football clubs (proven) can rise by thirty. in a short time. percent thanks to the owned stadium and outbuildings This means that no one in this football can continue without looking at budgets, in financial fair play, and remember that in any case, the red budget always present in Fiorentina is covered by Rocco through Mediacom sponsorship or on his own.

Then you can do more, you can do better, mistakes were made even in the last market, butAtalanta He became Atalanta in five to six years, made a few mistakes, with amazing and brave football, great intuition, buying players at low prices and selling a lot, replacing them with others of the same quality. But also with the enthusiasm of the masses and the whole city. Do not know if there Fiorentina It’s going to be very good, but without the Royal Court, the only model that’s growing could be the Atalanta model. But time and participation are required. It also takes patience, knowing that a fall like a fall at Udine is bad, and shouldn’t be there, but they can also become physiological at the moment for a team unaccustomed to playing three games a week, which is looking to grow in size. . It’s a stage of growth and something gets paid for

Back to the cup, for me it’s half full. I didn’t say, be careful. But it is possible to fill him and I am convinced that Rocco’s pride will give a gentle impulse, beyond personal sympathy or hatred which must always be set aside, of the prickly and sensitive character he shows in his sayings. What it is in private life do not know, do not know. He often appears like this in public, irritable like Popeye if we want to joke about it, but more than speeches I’m interested in facts and when the facts are as good or secret as at this moment everything else is nonsense.