The ball in Ancona is increasingly oval. Dorico introduced the rugby season

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Ancona 09/11/2022
– Anconitani More and more fans of the oval ball, at the start of the 22/23 season of Rugby Union Anconitana and Rugby Ancona and Dorica Rugby. Many children under the age of five and under the age of seven who are learning sports in the Mandela Stadium

Full stands and high enthusiasm at Nelson Mandela Stadium to present the 2022/23 season for the three rugby teams. A true party, in the spirit of this sport, sees in its tradition the mountains of socialism along with sports practice. In fact there were many, including friends, relatives and fans to greet teamsAnconitan rugby union (with first team and under-17 team), Rugby Ancona (from under 12 to less than 5 years old) and rugby league (Touch Rugby and Women’s Rugby) whose season officially started on Saturday afternoon.

Sports training has already begun, especially for The first team that will be on October 9 on the field for the first championship tournament. But the real stars of today are many childrencelebrated by families, clubs and the public, taking their first steps on the green ribbon Nelson Mandela Stadium: “Rugby is a growing sport and we have a lot of members especially among children under 7 and under 5. This makes us very happy – he explains Rugby Union President Anconitana Ernesto Cimino – During the year, we will also hold meetings with schools in the Miur project and 9 institutes will participate in Ancona ».

Not only the domain, but also The stands are increasingly crowded with anconitaniready to cheer the host team and beyond: “The audience in the stands never fails, entry is free and there are about a hundred fans to follow the first team matches and many parents and family members to follow the young ones.” There is also attracted for the third time. The tradition of rugby, which provides a moment of coexistence at the end of the match to enjoy between the two teams and the audience.

To encourage children and parents to choose rugby as a sport, there are also many beautiful values ​​that this system teaches: “It is a very educational sport – explains President Cimino – I have approached this system with Stefano Lucarini, who will always be our boss. In this sport, the ball is always passed backwards and We just move forward together and the goal is achieved together, we don’t win or lose alone. Another important point of this sport is that You do not play “against” but “with” the opponentwho is not an enemy but a friend who allows you to play.”

Values ​​that are also reflected off the playing field, as noted beforeStefano Forsei consultant: “Personally, I have an ongoing relationship with the rugby club and I want to remember The role of this company is also in the field of solidarity and reference to the neighborhood. It is great to see the stands full of children and families in a great atmosphere. This means it works very well. It seems to me to see less than 5 and less than 7 years are great and I want to give a special thanks to all the companies from the entire management.”

Enthusiasm that is also a demand for responsibility from institutions, he notes CONI President Marche Fabio Luna: «What is happening in Ancona represents the national trend of this beautiful system. Thanks to a company that does a lot in promoting rugby, we’re seeing a lot of kids getting involved. This membership makes us proud, but it also empowers us. We cannot disappoint the expectations of these guys. They started a dreaming path, we must be good at ensuring that this dream can be cultivated for their whole life».