The Candreva Affair, Technological and Human Errors. tiotino comment

The Candreva Affair: The ambiguous and belated statement from The Hague adds to the matter on the pitch. The need to understand how and why the arbitration and recourse method is changing to VAR this year

An unacceptable error of course. Especially since it wasn’t just human error. There is technology involved, which we have to believe blindly. Instead, it was blind cameras that obscured Candreva’s position and stole an undoubtedly regular goal from Juventus.

To add insult to injury and confuse ideas, the statement of the Governors Association came late, vague and incomplete. Fortunately, yesterday’s Gazzetta reconstructed, in great detail, the chain of events and circumstances that led to the “fatal error”, effectively being renamed.

Once again, it is the lack of transparency that is more troubling than the importance and roughness of Turin’s chaos. Other than announcing the dialogues between the rulers and Var’s room, moreover, knowing what they said in those exciting moments might make the mistake unbearable. Then it turns out that even the best technical support will not be able to eliminate the margin of error or make truly standardized decisions in a contact sport like soccer. The important thing is to be able to understand, the coaches themselves, who are increasingly nervous on the pitch, wondering what is happening, how and why the refereeing and resorting to VAR is changing this year.

There is no doubt that they are changing. The protests of Lecce and Fiorentina over what happened on Sunday, which have changed color to some extent due to the different evidence of wrongdoing against Juventus, indicate situations that are evaluated differently today than in the past. Handballs are in the zone, first of all. We’ve gone from always strict to (almost) never strict. In the 2019-20 season of grace, he broke all records averaging 0.49 penalties per game. The situation then returned to normal with an average of 0.38-0.39, which is much higher but not much higher than in the rest of Europe. Now the average has fallen to 0.23, i.e. from first to fourth among the five major European leagues. It is correct to say “Enough Rigorini”, but without exaggeration.

We also see a greater tolerance for tackles to contend for the ball, in the area but not only: referees now tend not to consider them more harmful and fly over it.

But above all, we’ve moved from an avant-garde use of Var – used to search for potential errors, not exclusively “clear and clear” – to a more protocol, where no judgment-judgment variance can be appealed. , even if in front of the reproduced images he clearly had an elbow like Martinez Quarta. All this while elsewhere in Europe, on the advice of FIFA and the European Union, the opposite path was taken, to the point that in the Premier League and in the Bundesliga, the most intense controversies in these weeks were related to the alleged bypass of Var, which led to the cancellation of goals for contacts from A somewhat secondary entity, which the referee considers to be non-error.

We go back, while others go on, and we don’t understand why. Then there is always the suspicion that the dynamics here are heavily influenced by the relationship between the referee on the field and the referee in the control room. This means that Maggioni finds it difficult to summon Orsato to the video, while Banti can overturn Marcenaro’s decision without question. But here we are entering slippery areas, related to psychology, as well as to a protocol that must be revised after more than five years.