The death of Queen Elizabeth brought the British sports world to a standstill

Queen Elizabeth’s death halts British sports world –

Stop the horse, cricket, golf and football fields. Rugby continues instead

Rome – The sport was also halted due to the death of Queen Elizabeth II, And not only in Great Britain. Starting with horse racing, Her Majesty’s favorite sport, which was suspended yesterday. The Rugby Test match between England and South Africa has been canceled today as well as all Cricket matches. Day two of PGA golf isn’t going to happen either. The same applies to the English Football League, which postponed the two matches today. All sporting events in Northern Ireland have also been postponed. Southwell horse racing stopped after the second race, in Chelmsford after the fourth race. The British Horseracing Authority has not yet decided when racing will resume. As for “big” football, Manchester United and Real Sociedad, in the European League, played “following the instructions of the Football Association and UEFA”. A West Ham match against FCSB was also played in the Conference League. The Scottish League match between Cove Rangers and Dundee has been postponed. In the Cycling Today’s tour of Britain canceled the sixth leg of the day before canceling the rest of the weekend as well. The women’s international rugby union test between Scotland and Spain scheduled for Sunday has been cancelled, and Scottish rugby in general has postponed all matches this weekend as a sign of respect. Formula 1 has been scheduled for a minute’s silence at Monza with all teams ahead of today’s free practice, but the rest of the race at the weekend will take place as planned.

Stop all English football, rugby goes on

In addition to the English Premier League, all English football matches will be suspended this weekend to mourn the death of Elizabeth II. Championship, League One and League Two, as well as the Scottish Leagues, and the Women’s Premier League. On the other hand, rugby continues: the Premier League has postponed two matches scheduled for today, but tomorrow’s and Sunday’s matches will be held regularly.

Also in danger the next day of the Premier League

The next day of the Premier League and the English Football League is still in doubt. Written by The Telegraph, that there is strong concern about the deployment of law enforcement to London committed to the Queen’s funeral. Britain’s first state funeral since Sir Winston Churchill’s death in 1965 is expected to take place on Monday, 10 days after his death. And crowds of people are likely to arrive in London for the occasion, as never in the capital’s history, including world leaders and royals from around the world, resulting in an unprecedented police operation. Many of the upcoming weekend’s matches may be canceled due to a lack of adequate police and security equipment.

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