The English Premier League, the seventh day, postponed due to the death of Queen Elizabeth

The seventh day matches have been canceled as a sign of mourning. The eighth races are also at risk. But stop at the selection of the Football Association, Prince William is the president, is all English football

By our correspondent David Cinellato

It is not played. Out of respect for Queen Elizabeth’s death, the Premier League has decided to cancel the entire seventh round, scheduled for tomorrow and Monday. “This is a very sad time not only for the nation, but for the millions of people around the world who have admired the Queen: we will join them in mourning her death,” said Richard Masters, chief executive of the Prime Minister.


The program of the seventh day included the main match between Manchester City and Tottenham, scheduled for the Federation on Saturday at 5:30 pm Italian time, which included three matches for Sunday, including Arsenal – Everton and Crystal Palace – Manchester United, and it was supposed to be closed on Sunday. Monday with postponement between Leeds and Nottingham Forest. They were all canceled as a sign of mourning, with the Prime Minister not specifying possible recovery dates, and not easy to find given the calendar before and after the World Cup between November and December is clogged. In peril, there are also the eighth day races, those that must take place on the weekend when the Queen’s funeral is scheduled. At the moment, there is no decision on those matches: the prime minister will likely take them once the funeral date of the king, who died yesterday at the age of 96, has been formalized. On the other hand, the cup matches scheduled between Tuesday and Thursday in England remain on the calendar as planned: the decision on those matches rests with UEFA, the choice to be Manchester United – Real Sociedad and West Ham – FCSB. Playing last night after the Queen’s death was announced confirms the European football government’s determination to move forward as scheduled

the decision

It was the Premier League that made the suspension decision this weekend. The Premier League, along with other sports leagues, met this morning with the Ministry of Sports to receive instructions on how to act after the death of the Queen. “There is no obligation on the part of the government to cancel or postpone sporting events during the period of national mourning – these are the indications given by the government -. The decision is up to the discretion of the individual federations. As a sign of respect, organizations can decide to cancel or postpone events scheduled on the day of a state funeral: That decision is also up to them. In the case of events on funeral day, organizations may wish to reschedule events so that they do not coincide with the funeral service.” On the other hand, the Prime Minister decided to stop as a sign of respect. Masters explained: “Our clubs decided to honor the Queen and the remarkable service she did to our country. As the longest-reigning monarch on the throne, she has been a lasting source of inspiration and later left a wonderful legacy. A life of dedication.” It is impossible for the premier, even for reasons of image, to proceed as planned. At least for now.

total stop

Not just the Prime Minister: All English football has decided to stop mourning this weekend, in honor of the Queen. “Her Majesty the Queen has always been a huge supporter of the Football Association and has left an indelible mark on the most beloved game in our country,” a statement from the Football Association chaired by Prince William said. All tournaments, from the Championship to the Women’s Championship, which was supposed to open the season this weekend, have been cancelled. All male and female tournaments and all youth tournaments are also suspended. Flags at half mast at Wembley and St George’s Park throughout the weekend as a sign of mourning.