“The Juventus squad is incomplete, at the moment I don’t think they can play better than that”

Director Mario Sconcerti intervened in the second seasonal episode of Goal di Notte, a historical format hosted by Michele Plastino this season on TMW Radio, NSL and TeleUniverso.

The director is the best and worst of this transformation…
“For the better, I would start with Leao and then immediately go to Udinese. I was very impressed with the 4-0 result that Roma suffered. We saw something too much, I think collectively the palm of the ‘worst’ goes to the Giallorossi.”

Does this apparent defeat of Roma reduce the size of Mourinho’s squad too much?
“For heaven’s sake, he will definitely be able to fight for the Scudetto. It’s a slow tournament. We’re already 4 points ‘out’, waiting for Atalanta. It’s an imperfect tournament: if I had to judge today, I see at least two teams more prepared than Roma.” “So far we’ve seen the worst of Inter. I think Roma shouldn’t make the mistake of playing fourth if they want to go to the Champions League. Mourinho must play to win: trying is a must, success is less. Udinese only lost in Milan.” At home he has already won against Fiorentina and Roma. There is no doubt that the Giallorossi should try, but they should have a jump in character.”

Bad Rome tonight, but we also saw really bad Juventus in Florence…
“Juventus is a different team than Roma because it is incomplete. It is missing the best player in its team which is Pogba. At the moment, I don’t think Juventus can play better than that, because at the moment it is not being well thought of. It has reached the bottom of a confused market. Extremely: Arthur and Zacharias left on the last day and Zacharias arrived in January. The real difference for Juventus this year is that it has the same economic weight as the other teams: the difference in the past was precisely economic strength and knowing how to use it well. Roma is different: they are complete in their own way and led Well Mourinho in a moment of great loneliness on the field. While Juventus were limping, it was legitimate to expect more from Roma. The Bianconeri have three midfielders, and although they always flip the midfield, they always play with three midfielders.”

To what extent does the synergy between ownership, management, coach, audience and team increase the technical value of AC Milan?
“I think Milan only bought a new president a few days ago. It’s hard to believe that Maldini and Masara are Milan. They are Milan employees and from the transfer market we saw the difficulties in bringing together the different components. There are different needs to be met: there is a very important technical project that depends Over some very well made choices by the entire technical staff. I don’t see an overall feeling.”
Did you anticipate the initial big uncertainty at the start of the season? “I was expecting a lot of balance and a lot of injuries even though I am amazed at the number of muscle injuries. The science of sports coaching has to be much more advanced than the different traps we deployed during the season, and the World Cup above all. Roma and Inter were good at overcoming opponents Less low, but they immediately find it difficult to take on more popular opponents. This is given by the low and medium technical level of the championship.”